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    by: ash30202

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    1 : By Mohammad ashraf Six Stars six good habits for school students
    2 : Star refer to habits Prayers Early getup with the beginning of Azan,if enough time you should do bath, then apply any fragrance and leave for masjid perform Sunnah. After fajar prayer do not leave immediately Masjid but start reciting Quran.
    3 : Revising or a look to your school/college books early in the morning Open your books and take a quick glance on all your school tasks. Quick read out important notes/topics. It is a simple glance to your home tasks /school task that will surely click you what to learn in school or college .
    4 : Speed Writing When ever you do write ,you must write in speed and improve its speed on daily bases .You must know your speed in ,words/min .
    5 : Look forward Suppose a teacher is teaching you an exercise of MATH ,as exercise #1.7 so after his/her teaching you also take a glance at #1.8 as you may know that what we study next.
    6 : Counseling Do always consultation in any problem with your parents ,teachers and counselors .As much as you do counseling every time you are going to be new experience with these people.
    7 : The Race is not over because I have not won yet So never loose your hope in every phase of life ,every obstacle can be crossed with your courage and will power. Never think about failures always focus your self ,”I can do this”

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