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    by: Alka

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    1 : Guidelines For Diabetic Care Dr.M.S.Singhal M.D. Dr. Alka Singhal M.D. Singhal Diabetic Clinic ,Hardwar(India) Ph : 09837178358 Email:
    2 : For better Diabetes Control Follow the Mukul Mantra... DEED D - DIET (Follow rules of diabetic Diet) E - EXERCISE (Regulate avdised exercise) E - EDUCATION (Learn About Diabetes) D - DRUG (Avoid self Medication, Consult doctor)
    3 : Mental Care Act according to your own religion in which you have full trust.Practice Meditation. Try to overcome from stress.Take proper sleep. Do not allow sense organs to control you; you have to control them. Increase confidence in yourself. Protect the mind from wrong deeds. Keep self control, be tolerant, be peaceful. Keep the balance of mind in different situations. Be devoted in knowledge, friendship cheerfulness, and calmness.
    4 : Skin Care Dry your skin properly after bathing particularly in the skin folds. Avoid too hot or too cold water while bathing. Avoid harsh & highly perfumed soaps. Use skin oil \ Mustard oil after bathing to lubricate your body. Take care of Minor Cuts,Minor Burns,Injuries. Avoid excessive exposure to sun. Do not wear too tight clothes in Summer.
    5 : Eye Care Have your eyes / vision checked Periodically If you notice any abnormality like blurring, eye discharge etc. consult Ophthalmologist If you wear glasses update your prescription Wear protective eye glasses while going outdoor in Sunlight Do not rub eyes unnecessarily If there is any Vascular changes in the eyes go for proper checkup Maintain adequate light when reading,writing or working
    6 : Nasal Care Don't cut deep Nostril hair Clean regularly your both nostril If there is any boil on the nosetip Contact immediately your diabetologist.
    7 : Mouth & Throat Care Brush your teeth regularly Follow instructions of your dentist. Tell your dentist that you have diabetes. If any Scratches, Sores or other Injuries appear in the mouth seek Professional advice. Gargle with luke warm water.
    8 : Respiratory System Care Regularise morning walk , Light ,deep Breath exercises are good . Stop Smoking (if Habitual). Inhale herbal Antiseptic fumes twice a weak. Take precautions in winter to cold exposures.Consult your doctor before going to any hill area. Do not take any cough Syrup for simple cough and cold because most of the cough syrups contains sugar; consult your Doctor.
    9 : Cardiac Care Regularly monitor Blood Pressure and weight. Take regular cardiac tonics with the advice of your doctor. Regular Checkup of lipid profile 6 monthly, ECG once a year. Regular Exercise and medication will help you to maintain your self. X-Ray chest for heart enlargement.
    10 : Digestive System Care Take Proper Dietary advice from your Diabetologist / Dietician. Follow the Rules of Diabetic Diet. Maintain Regular Bowel Habits. Eat intelligently in a Planned way.
    11 : Never walk without shoes/Chappals particularly on rough floor. The Chappals or shoes should fit properly. Do not sit close near to fire or heat source. The feet should be washed daily with tap water and good quality mild soap.Then dry by blotting with soft towel instead of rubbing. Massage feet lightly with mustard oil, or coconut oil or moisturising cream, but not in between toes. Clean and well fitting socks made of cotton should be preferred. Toe Nails should be cut properly. Inspect the feet daily for corns, calluses,Blisters,Cracks in the skin.,Take proper care of even minor cuts. Foot Care
    12 : Consult your doctor immediately Swelling of feet after standing for along time Pain in calf Muscles after walking a certain distance relieves after rest Cracks, Corns,Callosities or numbness of toes and feet Feeling tired or breathlessness after usual exercise Feeling Giddy or unstable while standing quickly from lying down position Frequent changes of eye Glasses Sudden Blurring Vision Occasional unexplained Diarrhoea Itching in Private Parts Frequent boils over skin
    13 : Diabetic Awareness Series Thanks For Watching For Enquiry - Singhal Diabetic Clinic 1, Vivek vihar Hardwar - 249 401 (India) Ph : 09837178358 Email :

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