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    Add as Friend Hobbies

    by: Rogers

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    1 : Unit 7 Sports And Hobbies
    2 : I Introduction II Teaching tasks III Practice
    3 : Introduction Not all people like to work but everyone likes to play .Men and women, boys and girls all over the world enjoy sports. To enjoy some sport meets or matches is most people’s hobby, Posters and notices for sports are commonly seen in newspapers on campus and on notices-boards to supply some sport information. 1    Read the two samples of notices for sports. 2    Learn to write a notice for sports. 3    Talk about sports and hobbies. 4    Practice.
    4 : Sample 1 BASKETBALL MATCH Teams: Binhai University vs.Normal University Time: 8:30 a.m.,Nov.24,2001(Satyrdeay) Place: Provincial Gymnasium(????) Sponsor(???):The Physical Culture Academy(??) Please contact the the Physical Culture Academy for tickets(limited to 100).Basketball fans should hurry.Three buses will take fans to the match.Fans are expected to gather in front of the library at 8:00 sharp the day of the game.
    5 : Sample 2 Friendly Boating Match All Are Warmly Welcome Under the auspices(??)of the Recreational and PE Department of the Students’Union(???)of the College,a friendly boating match will be held between Chinese students and overseas students of the university on South Lake,Saturday,Sept.21,2002,4:00p.m. The Recreational and Physical Culture Department, the Students’ Union of the College
    6 : Task Write a notice for a basketball match between the Management Dept. and the Economics Dept . on field 4 at 4:30 P.M on Monday Sept.10
    7 : Notes: A notice usually consists of at least three elements: 1.Activity-what is about to happen or has happened 2.Time-day of the week data and exact time 3.Place Some notices should also include the people involved and other details.
    8 : 1. Learn to write an English notice after reading sample1 2. Learn some dialogues 3. Practice Read and Simulate
    9 : Sample 1 INTERNATIONAL TABLETENNIS MATCH China vs.Japan Place: Capital Gymnasium Time: 7:30 p.m.,October 30 Fare: 30 yuan Ticket office: The Young Club
    10 : Dialogue (J---Jim M---Mike) J: I haven’t had much exercise lately. My only recreation has been watching TV or going to the cinema. What do you do for recreation? M: For recreation, I like to swim in the summer. My favorite winter sport is skating . You enjoy swimming,don’t you? J: No, I don’t like to swim very much. However, I do like to sit and fish. Do you like to go fishing? M: No, I don’t care for fishing. Some of my friends like to go to a gym for a workout . Lifting weights will build arm and shoulder muscles, won’t it? J: Yes, lifting weights will build muscles, but it can make them very sore. I don’t think I would care for that kind of activity. Have you ever been to any ball games? M: Yes, I’ve been to many baseball and football games and I like to play too. Team sports are very enjoyable, don’t you think so ? J: Yes, I myself enjoy sleeping on the ground under the stars. It’s very relaxing. M: Well, all this talk about exercise has made me tired. Let’s go to the cinema.
    11 : Useful patterns and expressions for asking about sports 1. Do you like sports? What’s your favorite sport? My favorite sport is… 2.  What kind of sports do you like? I’m interested in… I’m fond of… I’m crazy about… I like … I love… 3. Can you tell me something about your favorite sports? 4. When were the first modern Olympic games be held? Where will the 2008 Olympic games be held? 5. Do you often play table tennis? I often play…
    12 : Practice: Jim and Jack are talking about how to spend their weekend. Jim suggests a bicycle ride to the lake area, and have a picnic, then swim in the river. Make up a dialogue between them. What’s your favorite sport? Tell the advantages of the sport you like.
    13 : Data Bank Sorts and recreations: Body building ?? bird-observing ???? Boxing ?? calligraphy ?? Bowling ???? computer game ???? Cycling ???? coin collecting ???? Hiking ?? cooking ?? Jigging ?? dancing ?? Mountaineering ?? flower-arrangement ?? Net-surfing ???? going picnicking ?? Play bridge ??? hunting ?? Roller-skating ??? listening to music ??? Rowing ?? knitting ?? Playing chess ?? painting ?? Playing basketball ??? paper-cutting ?? Rock-climbing ?? photographing ?? Rope-skipping ?? jigsaw puzzle ????
    14 : Skiing ?? playing musical instruments ???? Surfing ?? kite-flying ??? Aquatic sports ???? cock kicking ??? Champion and runner-up ??? shell-sculpture ?? Wood-carving ?? race walking ?? Cross-country ?? semi-final ??? Discus throw ??? stars and fans ????? Equestrian sports ?? shot put ??? Exchange sides ???? team sports ???? the Asian games ??? the Olympic flame ????? Finish line ??? the modern pentathlon ???? Football league ???? the Olympic creed ????? 400-M relay ??????? Foul play ??
    15 : the Olympic motto ?????? the Olympic oath ???? the Olympic symbol ????? International Olympic committee ????? Opening ceremony ??? victory ceremony ???? victory stand ??? winter Olympic Games ????? Goal keeper ??? Gymnastic sports ???? Half time ?? the world cup ??? High jump ?? Man’s single ?????? top seed ???? warm-up ???? Pole vault ???

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