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    by: Rogers

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    1 : Hobbies and interests Votrelová, Novotná, Kabrhel, Tmej
    2 : Content Music Art: Theatre Cinema Meeting friends Fishing Gardening Handworks Collecting
    3 : Music Listening to music is a very popular hobby in the Czech Republic. People listen to all kind of music, Czech or foreign, hard or soft. Among Czech best-known singers belong Karel Gott, Helena Vondrácková, Czech most favorite bands are a hard-rock band Kabát or Lucie.
    4 : Theatre In the Czech Republic there are many theatre associations. Most favorite are theatres from big Czech cities like theatre Na Zábradlí and Semafor. In Svitavy, there is no theatre association but theatre associations from other towns often go to Svitavy to show their plays.
    5 : Cinema In every town in the Czech Republic is at least one cinema, but most attended cinemas are in shopping centers in bigger cities such as Brno, Olomouc or Prague. These cinemas play the newest movies but the tickets are often more expensive. Some of the favorite cinemas are Palace Cinema, Cinestar and one special cinema. It is only one in the Czech Republic - a 3D cinema IMAX.
    6 : Meeting friends Young people in the Czech Republic like meeting friends. Best places for meeting friends are cafés or pubs. Also tearooms are very favourite., In Svitavy the most favourite place for meeting friends is Café Rošambo.
    7 : Fishing Fishing is very favorite in Southern Bohemia because of the number of ponds that were established there in 16th century. Typical Czech fish is a carp, a trout or a pike. In Svitavy, most fishermen do fishing at pond Rosnicka.
    8 : Gardening Gardening is the most typical hobby for Czech people. Most of them have a weekend house, where they have a large garden. Here they grow vegetables and fruit or just some flowers and decorative trees.
    9 : Handworks In the Czech republic, most favorite handworks among older women are knitting, embroidery or sewing. Very popular are magazines about handworks, where you can find interesting ideas. Young girls like more making some accessories from beads, like earrings or bracelets.
    10 : Collecting Many people in the Czech Republic like collecting. They can collect almost everything, for example beer glasses, porcelain, beer mats or things like that. But people have collecting only as a hobby.

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