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    1 : Homeopathy Treatment For Sinus
    2 : To Know About Sinus? Sinusitis comes from the Latin sinus meaning "inflammation". Sinusitis is an inflammation of the para nasal sinuses. Para nasal means adjacent to the naval cavities. The inflammation could be caused by an infection from a virus, bacteria or fungus, but also can be caused by allergies and chemical or particulate irritation of the sinuses. Ever get a sinus infection following a bad cold? It's called sinusitis. The cold, an upper respiratory infection, is usually caused by a virus that infects the nose and throat.
    3 : Types Of Sinus A sinus is a hollow space in the body Everyone has four pairs of sinuses in the skull which are labeled para nasal sinuses. These four pairs are named the frontal, maxillary, ethmoid and sinusitis. The frontal sinuses are over the eyes in the brow region. The maxillary sinuses are in the cheekbones. The sinusitis are in the upper region of the nose and behind the eyes. The ethmoids are bothered there can be pain around the bridge of the nose
    4 : Symptoms of Sinus Facial Pain and Pressure Cough Congestion Poor Sense of Smell Nasal Discharge Blocked Nose High Temperature Halitosis Tiredness Toothache Headache A cold that won't go away or gets worse.
    5 : Homeopathy Treatment For Sinusitis Homeopathy is one such natural remedy. When it involves the homeopathic sinus remedy, not only does it attempt to remedy the infection and it’s symptoms. It seeks to holistically treat the patient in his entirety. Homeopathy offers a remarkable cure for this problem where the medicine given acts as an antibiotic against infection and thus addresses the symptoms. It not only treats the condition, but In fact treats the way a person responds to it. Homeopathic medicines Silicea and Kali Bichrome lead the homeopathic table in treating all kinds of sinusitis whether acute, chronic or recurrent. Silicea is very affective in treating sinusitis in individuals who are extremely sensitive to the least amount of chill in the air and often develop frontal headaches or heaviness during the attack of sinusitis. Kali Bichrome is helpful in cases where the discharges are very stringy, sticky and yellowish green or when the patient complains of a constant pain in the root of the nose. Homeopathy tries to find a medicine which matches the symptoms as well as the general characteristics of the person.

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