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    by: MySecretPotential

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    1 : How A Personality Test Can Benefit Sportsmen
    2 : Our personalities are a manifestation of who we are as people in terms of attitude, emotions, behavior and thoughts. They are a contributing factor in the success or failure of everything that we do. Even in competitive sports training and ability alone cannot be counted on if your personality is giving out negative forces.
    3 : This is why personality testing has become such an indispensable part of preparation for competitive engagements. The color association test is a realistic way of self-assessing your personality and evaluating it constantly to see if you are making progress. Answers are available in 30 minutes and it is impossible to cheat.
    4 : Positive mental health and absence of depression, anger, tension, confusion and fatigue has been found to be closely associated with successful athletes. This phenomenon has come to be known as the Iceberg Profile. Even professional sports teams like the Dallas Mavericks have found great benefit in harnessing the knowledge of a Sports Psychology Coach
    5 : Benefits of Color Association Personality Testing For Sportsmen You get a better understanding of yourself. This gives you precise points to work on. You can measure your progress in adjusting elements of your personality towards the right tone You learn to shut out the negative forces and maximize on your positives You can learn your specifics such as:
    6 : The need for achievement
    7 : Self-Confidence
    8 : Impulse Sensation
    9 : Anxiety Levels
    10 : Competitiveness
    11 : Coachability

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