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    by: Deepi

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    1 : How Briquetting Machine Is Used To Produce Bio Fuel?
    2 :   Introduction In India, Green waste as a source of energy shows huge potential. Through a briquetting press machine loose raw material like rice husk, bagasse, groundnut shells, almond shells and other organic materials like municipal solid waste can converted into high density biomass briquettes which increase the calorific value of the product as compared to loose material.
    3 : Biomass Energy Biomass energy is the key factor in eco friendly and economic development of a country. Biomass energy plays a crucial role in meeting the current needs of developing countries. Before 19 th century, biomass is either dumped or burnt inefficiently but currently biomass is use as renewable source of energy. Gas, oil and black coal are non renewable sources of energy. 
    4 : Briquetting Machine
    5 : Biomass Briquettes In short we can describe, biomass briquetting press is a machine which is capable of binding any type of agro waste into finished products which is known as biomass briquettes. This project is viable t where biomass is avail within the nearby area and can be available in abundant quantity with lower cost. Biomass briquettes have high specific density compared to loose biomass. 
    6 : Silent Features of Briquette Plant Outstanding Growth Potentiality Easy process of biomass briquetting and High Profitability Extensive variety and simple availability of green waste from various yields Short development and quick returns Employment Potentiality Government support this project and gives subsidy on purchasing this plant
    7 : Information The center for environmental studies, CES (Convert Waste into Energy) at Anna University, with a university from Japan held various workshops on biomass. Their whole team discusses about current status and future of renewable energy and will find a new technology like briquette plant which can convert waste into energy.  
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