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    Add as FriendHow Can You Be Happy And Forget Your Past ?

    by: Portia

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    1 : How Can You Be Happy And Forget Your Past ?
    2 : Be Ready To Face The Challenge If you are sure that your unsolved personal relationships will never make you happy, then take the decision of coming out of it. You definitely need the courage to face the challenge in relationships.
    3 : Accept The Reality Accept that some things are beyond your control. You need to have a perfect reality check to run towards practical solutions.
    4 : Let Go Of Your Past You need to shed off any baggage of your past-relationships. Letting go of your past will make your work half done.
    5 : Look For A Positive Future You need to forget your past and concentrate on the future. A positive future will help you to refresh yourselves easily.
    6 : Never Take Rash Decisions Never jump into any decision very hastily. You need to calm down and take your decisions slowly by giving a lot of thought. You cannot regret the rest of your life regretting your decisions.
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