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    by: Lico Reis

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    1 : How to Improve Your Self-Esteem
    2 : Self-esteem - Definition The word 'esteem' comes from a Latin word that means 'to estimate'. Self-esteem is how you estimate yourself.
    3 : Introduction To evaluate your self-esteem, you need to ask yourself certain questions: Do I like myself? Do I think I'm a good human being? Am I someone deserving of love? Do I deserve happiness? Do I feel deep down that I'm an okay person?
    4 : Important People with low self-esteem find it hard to answer yes to these questions.
    5 : How can you improve your self-esteem? You can begin by accepting that you are certainly not alone. (Masses of people have this problem). Secondly, take on board the fact you are a wonderful, special person - and there is no one quite like you.
    6 : Self-esteem Strategies Put behavior in perspective: It's not healthy to condemn ourselves because of one aspect of our behavior. Try not to believe that the whole of you is hopeless, unkind or a failure, when really it is just one part of your behavior that may - or may not - be these things.
    7 : Halt destructive thoughts: Many people with poor self-esteem think they're not very important and their views carry no weight. If so, try to stop these destructive thoughts because if you go around believing them, you'll encourage other people to believe them too. Instead, start thinking of yourself as someone who has rights, opinions and ideas that are just as valid as anyone else's. Self-esteem Strategies
    8 : 10-minute technique: People with poor self-esteem often fail to give themselves enough time and space. So find 10 minutes every day to be alone, and to just sit and do nothing. During this 10 minutes, allow yourself to feel peaceful and happy. Enjoy this time. It is yours - and yours alone. Self-esteem Strategies
    9 : List 50 things you like about yourself: If you're seriously lacking in self-esteem this could take weeks, but persevere: You can write down your characteristics. You can include things about your looks. You can even write about the things you do. When you have reached your 50 good things, keep the list somewhere you can see it all the time. Self-esteem Strategies
    10 : Getting criticism: Criticism is often unfair, but some criticism is justified, and when we're sensible we can learn from it. If there are aspects to the criticism that are valid, begin by agreeing with those points: If parts are unclear, ask for clarification. If you realize you were wrong, say so and apologize. If criticism is wrong or unfair, smile and say: 'I'm afraid I don't agree with you.' Self-esteem Strategies
    11 : Lico Reis Consultoria & Línguas Prof. Roberto Lico Reis E-books: Linkedin: Twitter: @licoreis

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