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    How to scan 35mm photo slides and negatives


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    1 : Learn how to scan 35mm photo slides and negatives Introduction : With the right equipment, it's easy to scan your 35mm photo slides and negatives to create digital files and prints. Find step-by-step instructions and simple scanning tips to get the best results. Get started : To start scanning slides and negatives, you need a photo scanner with built-in negative and slide scanning capabilities. So make sure your scanner or All-in-One is equipped with a transparent materials adapter (TMA), which enables it to import transparent materials like slides and negatives. If you don't have a scanner with a TMA
    2 : Scan your photo slides and negatives : Because each scanner model is different, it is important to refer to your photo scanner's manual for detailed instructions on scanning slides and negatives with your specific model. Here we will show you how to scan slides and negatives using the HP Scanjet G4050: Step 1: Open the scanner lid and remove the Transparent Materials Adapter (TMA).
    3 : Step 2: Place your slides or negatives into the appropriate template. Follow the orientation indicated by the icons on the template.
    4 : Step 3: Tip: If you are scanning fewer than the maximum number of negatives with the TMA, cover the empty spaces with the provided light shields to avoid letting any extra light in.
    5 : Step 4: Place the template on the scanner glass, aligning the arrow on the template with the indicated mark on the scanner bed.
    6 : Step 5: Close the scanner lid and press the Scan Film button (or select the Scan Film option if you're using the HP Solution Center application on your PC).
    7 : Step 6: In the Scanning from dialog box, click Change Settings.
    8 : Step 7: Under Scan Shortcut Settings, select your Scan Type (either Negatives (TMA) or Slides or Positives (TMA)).
    9 : Step 8: Under Scan To select Save to file. Then click Scan.
    10 : Step 9: Under the Save Location dialog box, click Browse and enter the destination folder of your choice. Click OK and follow any on-screen instructions to finish scanning. The scan will be sent to the destination folder you selected.

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