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    1 : How to select your data center By Mary Thomas
    2 : 1.Understanding Your Datacenter Needs Before moving forward to look for a new data center, it's much important to recognize the type of IT environment a company has relative to their infrastructure and applications -- in other words "what are the application they run and on which Operating system”. So, idea is you are going to look for a data center that best matches your Organization, relative to the types of hardware and software the outsourcer supports and the types of IT infrastructure on which you run at your company level. ;In adding together, you also need to get a hold on your data requirements. Many organizations hire consultants to help them to formulate this assessment and find the perfect match. ;Subsequently, you need to understand what kind of services you require from the offsite data center. 
    3 : 2.Data Center Security First, think about the physical security involved. You can have a look for different reports available on data security by various organizations. All the time review the last audit conduct at the data center to assess their performance.
    4 : 3.Accessibility of Data center Just as security has multiple parts, so does accessibility. The physical location of the data center matters; is it close to your IT staff? However, just as important is the electronic ease of access of your servers. Remote access is essential, mainly in the case of a server crash. Does the data center offer “low-level” access to the server, which is still functional even if the Operating System is offline? Finally, consider the ease access of the support team. Are they accessible on weekends or holidays? Do they have an intensity of skill you feel comfortable with? Are they going to be able to solve issues you aren’t known?
    5 : 4.Data Center Connectivity and Service Key to connectivity is a carrier neutral data center. Consider requirements for bandwidth to the Internet, satellite locations, and other data centers. Facilities with many ISPs or NSPs, is cost effective for access, MPLS networks, point-to-point R1s, and PRIs for PSTN termination and carrier cross connection. Would redundant Internet paths be cost effective?  Those familiar with internet protocols and implementation know requirements to configure and support that technology are not cheap. Does the center provide NSP style services and a redundant pair of copper or fiber optic drops, allowing you egress points to redundant ISPs?
    6 : 5.Understanding Your Datacenter Needs One of the most fundamental considerations is that the data center won't run out of power and will have plenty of HVAC capacity to cool the center to ensure that hardware performs at optimal levels. You should talk about power cooling density, a metric that indicates how much square footage the center can cool at maximum capacity. Also query about backup alternate power supplies is an emergency, as for example diesel generators, and how frequently those diesel generators must be used.
    7 : 6.Data Center Support should be 27x7x365 Is support accessible in 24x7x365 (by trend staffs) and physical access in case maintenance is required during off hours? Contact support number of time before you sign a contract to see how accessible they actually are. Some data centers offer extended support (remote hands) on service while others offer only basic support (reboots).  Find out all service levels you require, skillfulness level and certifications of staff, and the cost per hour for operation. 
    8 : 7.SLAs and Contracts Before finalizing to anything, evaluate the contracts and service level agreements very carefully. With thousands of data centers to select from in the U.S., these can vary a great deal. One sign of a company that stands by its promises is if they agree to penalties for not meeting certain service levels. As with any organization you do business with, you also want to make sure that the data center you choose is run by a decent company. "You want to understand that the company running the data center is financially solid and not going to get bought by another company in the next few days”.
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