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    by: karthik

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    2 : What? Where? Who? How? When? Why? Human trafficking is a complex issue. Because the problem of human trafficking is also connected to issues such as immigration law, labor laws, and the commercial sex industry, human trafficking is often confused with these other issues. Also, misunderstandings and misinformation about human trafficking makes defining human trafficking all the more difficult, but all the more important. So even if you know some information about human trafficking, you probably still have questions. Questions like…
    3 : What is Human Trafficking? Human trafficking is: Modern-Day Slavery An underground industry that makes information difficult. A US$ 31.6 billion dollar industry. That makes human trafficking the world’s second largest industry behind drug and weapons trading black market.
    4 : 27 million – Number of people in modern-day slavery across the world. STATISTICS
    5 : 1 million – Number of children exploited by the global commercial sex trade, every year. STATISTICS
    6 : 70% – Percent of female victims who are trafficked into the commercial sex industry. This means that 30% of female victims are victims of forced labour. STATISTICS
    7 : There is a victim of trafficking in the world every sixty seconds STATISTICS
    8 : 32 billion – Total yearly profits generated by the human trafficking industry. o $15.5 billion is made in industrialized countries. o $9.7 billion in Asia o $13,000 per year generated on average by each “forced labour.” This number can be as high as $67,200 per victim per year. STATISTICS
    9 : What is human trafficking?
    10 : Where is human trafficking a problem? Human trafficking is a problem all over the world. Image taken from
    11 : Where is human trafficking a problem?
    12 : Who is involved in human trafficking? The recruiter gains the victim’s trust and then sells them for labor or to a pimp. Sometimes this is a boyfriend, a neighbor, or even a family member. The trafficker is the one who controls the victims. Making the victim fearful through abuse, threats, and lies the trafficker gains power over his/her victim. The victim could be anyone. The consumer funds the human trafficking industry by purchasing goods and services. Often s/he is unaware that someone is suffering.
    13 : How can you tell if a situation is human trafficking? Identifying human trafficking can be difficult for many reasons. Victims do not identify themselves due to fear and shame. Traffickers keep their victims secluded from all forms of contact. Traffickers force their victims to be happy and tell them what to say. Many people do not know about human trafficking and do not report it even though it is happening in their community.
    14 : Why is human trafficking happening? There is a constant source of victims Exploited persons are dispensable commodities They are typically recruited Promises of a better life can make victims vulnerable to traffickers
    15 : IMPACTS Fuels organized crime Deprives countries of human capital Promotes social breakdown Undermines public heal
    16 : When will trafficking end? Trafficking is an industry that relies on money. If consumers stopped funding the human trafficking industry by purchasing goods and services related to human trafficking, the human trafficking industry would shrink until human trafficking did not exist. Goods that are certified fair trade insure that workers receive fair wages and working conditions. If consumers knew more about human trafficking, they would think twice about where they spend their money.
    17 : What can we do about this?
    18 : Educate yourself
    19 : Spread the word
    20 : Take a look at your own community
    21 : Talk to children and teen
    22 : Subscribe to Human Rights Blogs and Websites
    23 : My initiative for the sufferers is this presentation… YOURS?
    24 : Please raise your hand now Those who not only feel but also want to do something about this...
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