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    by: Lico Reis

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    1 : I am sorry, I failed again! Strategies to deal with failure
    2 : You've started a company and it goes belly-up. Or you launched a new product and not only does it fail to sell, customers actually hate it. Or you get fired. What happens when you dare to dream, make that dream real, and then fail? Dealing with Failure Introduction
    3 : Henry Ford used to say: "Failure is only the opportunity to begin again more intelligently." But no matter how many Motivational Workshops and self-help books we have read, when we fail our initial response is frustration, pessimism and sadness. Dealing with Failure Main Problem
    4 : Failure is inevitable and you cannot run from it and we fear it. Failure brings back bad memories. There is not a single person on the face of earth who has not seen failure. But most of us look at it as something which ruins us. We hate failure, don’t we? Dealing with Failure Our Real World – Effects in our Life
    5 : Remember, life is not an easy ride and failures will come. Ask yourself, what did I learn from this? How can I improve? Don’t blame anything or anyone for it. Just with a calm mind, sit down, take out a paper and write down your plus points and minus points. Dealing with Failure Strategy 01 – Find out the reason for failure
    6 : Learn from your mistakes, try harder than ever: Try again, with more passion, don’t repeat your mistakes, bigger goals, and higher determination. Give it your 100%. That way, you’ll know that you gave it your everything, you gave it your best shot. Dealing with Failure Strategy 02 – Give it another shot
    7 : This, is very important. We easily get influenced and affected by people around us and what they say about us. Remember, this is your life, and what others say should not matter Dealing with Failure Strategy 03 – Don´t care what other think
    8 : Plan everything out, your strategies and your goals. And set time limits to them. Push yourself and concentrate A well structured plan can help you to be more focused in achieving your goals. Dealing with Failure Strategy 04 – Make a plan
    9 : Have faith in yourself. In times like these, it is very easy to consider yourself worthless and lose hope in everything. Don’t let that get to you and motivate yourself. Stay around positive people who lift your spirits. Dealing with Failure Strategy 05 – Motivate yourself
    10 : Sometimes, failure can also mean that you’re on the wrong path. It can be an indication that your success lies somewhere else. In such cases, a detour can save your life! Dealing with Failure Strategy 06 – Listen to your gut feeling
    11 : For most of us, the mere prospect of failure is a take-no-prisoners mind game, pushing us to the edge of an emotional cliff. But we need to face failure as an opportunity to change, realizing that maybe our own life or business approach is not providing us the right outcomes. Dealing with Failure Conclusion
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