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    by: Patrick

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    1 : The importance of Child Rights
    2 : What is Happening? The Globe is a place of numerous happenings. Earth is the home for a number of species and from which one is a human being and their children. Let us talk about children for now, at this moment some of these children might be playing, enjoying, many will be celebrating. The other side some of them might be working, bagging, or struggling for their basic rights due to poverty and illiteracy. Here come the need of child rights….
    3 : Need of education… Need of shelter… Need of food…
    4 : To overcome such situation, we need Child Rights
    5 : What are Child Rights? Every child on this globe is entitled to a meaningful childhood, irrespective of his gender, caste, class or religion. Each Child should have an equal opportunity to grow as a human being in the best way and grip all the basic facilities as the other privileged children do. They have the right to survive, develop, be protected and participate in decisions that impact their lives. Together, let us promote the underprivileged children for their better future…..
    6 : Thank You for Your Support for the Rights of children

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