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    by: Ritwik

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    1 : India in 2020 Presented By Ritwik.S.Kulkarni
    2 : What Is the Future of India? The 5th Largest economy in the world. The best, trustworthy and most secure place of the 21st century. Country with 2nd largest armed force in the world. Dominating the space race by a remarkable gap. One of the best educational systems in the world. Raising a balanced hand in the field of technology as well as agriculture. India on its way to become a global superpower..... In the year 2020, The exact image of India can be seen by following points...
    3 : Indian Economy Today GDP (nominal) In 2020 1.632$ trillion 5.60$ trillion GDP (GrowthRate) 8.5 % 13% Military Expenditure $ 34,816,000,000 $ 114,300,000,000 World Ranking 4th Fastest 10th Largest 2nd Fastest 4th Largest
    4 : Economy of India
    5 : Armed Forces Of India 3rd Largest Army in the World 5th Largest Air-Force in the world 9th Largest Navy in the world Indian Air force Indian Army Indian Navy
    6 : Indian Army Active Military troops. 1.3 Cr. 2.02Cr. Total Military Reserves. 1.7Cr. 2Cr. Total Land-Based Missiles. 75,191 90,000 Defence Budget of India. $36,030,000,000 4 Times The F-Insas Programme (On going) Upgraded Today In 2020
    7 : IBMP(Indian Ballistic Missile Programme) IBMP contains The Prithvi series, Agni series, Dhanush , Surya(ICBM), Prahaar missiles.
    8 : F-INSAS Programme
    9 : IAF (Indian Air-Force) Total Aircrafts 2,462 3,500+(approx.) Active Personnel 170,000 210,000(approx.) Back Bone 4th Gen. Su-30 5th+ Gen Su-PAKFA Stealth Tech. In Development Armed UAV’s IAI Heron,Rustom DRDO Aura Snap Today In 2020
    10 : 5th Generation Stealth Fighter
    11 : Indian Drones Today.... In 2020... The DRDO Aura UCAV IAI Heron DRDO Rustom
    12 : Indian Navy By the year 2020 Indian Navy will acquire 3 indigenous aircraft carrier (Virat Class). Indian Navy is also armed with nuclear submarine(K152Nerpa).
    13 : ISRO(Indian Space Research Organisation) Chandrayan-II Mission 2014 RLV Avatar 2016 Missions Under Development Chandrayan-I Mission 2008 Aryabhatta 1975 Milestones for ISRO
    14 : ISRO Chandrayan – 1 and Aryabhatta Satellite
    15 : First Manned Mission Of India Avatar and Chandrayan - II
    16 : Indian Educational System Literacy rate of India today is 74.08% Today India ranks 2nd in the race of producing doctors and engineers. The Pune and Delhi universities are considered as the oxford and Cambridge of the east. The “Samporna Shiksha Ayojan” Organisation has lifted thousands of illiterates. The Infosys university of Bangalore has the largest faculty of computer science field, anywhere in the world
    17 : India on its way towards Super-Power................ But are we really going to become the One ???
    18 : Think once again What are the objections? Poverty Unemployment Illiteracy Corruption Uncontrollable Population growth
    19 : How do you want India look like in 2020? As it is ? OR As a developed State?
    20 : Thank you! Any Questions?

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