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    by: Albert

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    1 : Information Security Principles: An understanding
    2 : A general definition of security is to being in the state of security – to be free from any kind of danger. In other words, security is protection against adversaries – from those who would harm, intentionally or otherwise. What is Security?
    3 : Today, we can observe the concept of security in almost every place. The most common forms of security is a uni-layered or uni-faceted system. But in case of organizations or the nation as such, resort to a multilayered system. Forms of Security
    4 : Some of the most common forms of securities that can be found in many organizations include Physical security Personnel security Operations security Communications security Network security Information security Types of Security
    5 : Information Security according to the Committee on National Security Systems, defines information security as the protection of information and its critical elements, including the systems and hardware that use, store and transmit that information. Information Security
    6 : Here the importance of information must be acknowledged. Information is one of the most valued assets today. It is because of the characteristics it possesses. Importance of Information
    7 : Information needs to be protected from unauthorized access. Information leakage can be dangerous for many organizations. Sometimes, information relating to the internal affairs of an organization may be leaked. Importance of Information Security
    8 : Such information may include the decision to implement a new type of cost cutting system, the financial information of the organization, the list of customers and their financial information, research and development information, information regarding a new product line, etc. Need for Information Security
    9 : Loosing such information can prove to be very costly for an organization. In case of government, key and strategic information is of utmost importance. Loss of Information
    10 : Sometimes, information about national security can be at stake. Such information can include the list of weapons, testing of new weapons, key and strategic places where weapons are stored, etc. Loss of Key and Strategic Information
    11 : All these kinds of information must be protected. This calls for information security approaches which can be implemented. This will include Approaches to Information Security
    12 : A Bottom-Up approach is the best suited approach for implementing a very good security system. One of the biggest advantages of this system is that the system or the network administrators who are using this system will implement a security system at the grass-root level. Bottom-Up Approach
    13 : This can enhance the information security of the concern. The administrators who possess in-depth knowledge of the system will implement a right security system which would be apt for the organization in terms of their level of operations. In a way, they can help in customizing the security system. Bottom-Up Approach Contd…
    14 : Some of the characteristics that information possesses include availability, accuracy, authenticity, confidentiality, integrity, utility, possession, etc.  Information Security Principles are framed by every organization. These Information Security Principles give out security protocols for securing information. Bottom-Up Approach Contd…
    15 : In Top-Down approach, the higher management of the organization will issue policy, procedures and processes to implement the type of security in the organization. This type of information security will have its own advantages. Top-Down Approach
    16 : The top level management will consult experts before implementing any such system. Experts in the field can forecast future contingencies and will help in preparing for enhanced security procedures which will stop infiltrators from not only entering into the systems in the present, but also in the future. Top-Down Approach Contd…
    17 : This will also mean that the information security will be constantly monitored and improvements in the same will be undertaken on a regular basis. Top-Down Approach Contd…
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