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    by: Deepi

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    1 : Innovative Solution to Stop The Pollution
    2 : Introduction Everyday people are finding different ways to stop the pollution and make our country’s economy stronger. To stop the pollution I have one solution and that is biomass briquetting plant. Biomass briquetting plant can converts all agro forestry waste or industrial waste (devastate material) into useful biomass briquettes which is known as white coal because on burning it does not create pollution.
    3 : Stop the Pollution Fuel price are so high and everyone can’t afford this expensive fuel. So, biomass briquetting plant is the way to make bio fuel at lower rate.
    4 : Continue… There is a simple process to make bio fuel without creating any pollution. Biomass or other agriculture waste like bagasse, groundnut shells, almond shells, jute waste, cotton Salk, rice husk, coffee husk, tea husk etc… are collected and fed into biomass briquetting press to make bio fuel under large pressure.
    5 : Eco Friendly Technology Then after the completion of process we can get efficient high energy concentrated fuel briquettes which are Eco friendly. Biomass briquette plant does not contain any chemical that’s why it is known as binder less technology.
    6 : Benefits of Biomass Briquetting Plant Completely Eco friendly plant so best solution to stop the pollution. This plant is made from ravage material which is available free. Government encourages this plant due to its aspects and gives subsidy on purchasing this biomass briquette plant India. Turning devastates into hi tech energy.
    7 : Continue… You can purchase it affordable rate and easily available in the industrial market. Alternative source of energy and our country’s economy can increase by using this future making plant. Hence, it is hope for the country’s better future.
    8 : Biomass Briquettes In 2006, the U.S. produced more than 227 billion kilograms (kg) of solid waste; this equates to approximately 2.1 kg per person per day. Conversion of this waste into biomass briquettes would provide a means to satisfy individual energy needs while alleviating landfill use.
    9 : Biomass Briquetting Machines Biomass briquette manufacturers are making different types of briquetting machinery which is most useful in briquette making process. In the industrial market, Jumbo 90 biomass briquette press and Super 70 biomass briquette press are most usable and preferable biomass briquette press. This machinery is made with high quality material buy briquette plant manufacturer.
    10 : Conclusion After the understood whole project in detail we can conclude that biomass briquetting project is the innovative solution through we can make our country’s economical, ecological better. “Protect the Environment because it Protect us….”
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