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    by: ranadeep

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    1 : Introduction to Proteins Prof. Dr. R. K. Mahanta, Department of Biochemistry, JMC
    2 : Guidelines for Users The materials presented are neither text material nor notes for the students. They should not be treated as substitute for the text books on the subject and topics. These are presented and released for the students only as post delivery reference on the topics covered in the classes for the students. The optimum benefit and use will be archived only by the students who had actually attended these classes covering the topics. Use of the material without attending the classes may confuse and mislead the student. In case of arising confusion, go through the available test book or reference material and try to overcome the confusion reasonably. In situations of persistent confusion and controversy, the student is advised to contact the Professor and Head of the Department of Biochemistry, Jorhat Medical College personally.
    3 : It is a protein bubble Prick and explore
    4 : PROTEINS Prof. Dr. R. K. Mahanta, Department of Biochemistry, JMC
    5 : Proteins Introduction, Definition and Overview Prof. Dr. R. K. Mahanta, Department of Biochemistry, JMC
    6 : Introduction Collectively Proteins are a group of Biomolecules
    7 : Introduction Proteins include the group of most extensive and varied groups of biomacromolecules in universe
    8 : Commonness in Protein Molecules
    9 : Commonness in Protein Molecules Structural commonness Functional commonness
    10 : Structural commonness The commonness among this mega dimensional and multifunctional group of molecules is their building block components as a set of evolutionally selected and accepted amino acids And their polymerizations encrypted in and directed by a set of polynucleotide information molecules These two facts are the inherent structural and constructional commonness for all protein molecules
    11 : Functional commonness Regarding the functional commonness in proteins They are biomacromolecular nano tools to do some specified work under proper environment in the metabolic machinery either as static or dynamic and versatile components
    12 : Introduction Summary Summarily proteins are information regulated and signal responsive biological nano tools formed with polynucleotide mediated and information regulated polymerization of amino acids
    13 : Molecular Biology Definition of Protein

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