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    by: Rogers

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    1 : Joke of the Day What goes up the chimney down, but not down the chimney up? An umbrella
    2 : Joke of the Day Dad, “You usually talk a lot on the phone. Why did you only talk half an hour?” Daughter, “It was a wrong number!”
    3 : Joke of the Day On which side of an ostrich are the feathers? The outside!
    4 : Joke of the Day After a careful examination the doctor said, “ I’m sorry to tell you that you’ve only got four hours to live.
    5 : Is there anyone you want to see before you go?” “Yes,” answered the patient. “ Another doctor.”
    6 : Joke of the Day “Joey, can you come out and play?” “No. I have to help my dad do my homework.”
    7 : Joke of the Day Why did the clown take off his shoes? His feet felt funny.
    8 : Joke of the Day What did the elevator say to the doctor? “I’m coming down with something.”
    9 : Joke of the Day Where do spices go when they are sick? To see Dr. Pepper.
    10 : Joke of the Day What did the gum say to the shoe? “I’m stuck on you.”
    11 : Joke of the Day What is the longest word in English? Smiles There’s a mile between each “s”.

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