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    by: Jim

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    1 : International Ministries “Making a Difference” &
    2 : Jesus Es Real “Making a Difference for Honduras” Jesus es Real was formed in January 2009 principally for the purpose of ministering to the people of Honduras through giving, and by working closely and in person with families, institutions, and municipalities. We are an approved 501(c)3 non-profit organization. We ship several relief aid containers per year partnered with Abundance Ministries out of Bolivar Missouri, and Water Missions by providing the necessary “dispensa” paperwork for sending aid to Honduras. Since our formation in January 2009, we have made significant donations and have had several life-changing events for literally thousands of people. Jesus Es Real is a inter-denominational Christian ministry. Our objective has been to build a mission center that will host mission groups from all Christian based faiths. We have made a significant investment in Trujillo Colon next door to the Hotel Christopher Columbus building a hotel with American standards and five star furniture. Located on the airport runway, and directly on the beach, this facility also has a large tent that can seat 400 plus people for special events complete with professional sound equipment. Jesus Es Real continually supports several entities and organizations throughout Honduras, and have available statements (constancias) to that effect including the National Assembly of God in SPS, Hospital San Isidro de Tocoa, Hospital Salvador Parades de Trujillo, CEAD Christian school of Tegucigalpa, Amor, Fe, Y Esperanza Children’s Dump Ministry in Tegucigalpa, Trujillo Colon municipality, numerous school districts, Policia Nacional, Policia Transitos, numerous churches from all denominations, and literally thousands of people in need.
    3 : “Cruzada de Esperanza” Jesus Es Real regularly hosts crusades at it’s Trujillo Colon mission center. In the past we have had events like free haircuts, lice treatments, medical and dental brigades, free food, garden seed, education, Spiritual fulfillment and encouragement, wheelchairs, medical supplies and equipment, school supplies and computers, education, and lots more.
    4 : Eduardo Castillo Park Reconstruction With an actual completion cost of $35,000 including transportation of the missionaries, Jesus Es Real hosted a mission team “Evangel Temple” to reconstruct the local park in Trujillo Colon that was totally in ruins. Since then the park has enjoyed tens of thousands of kids and people, and uplifted the spirits of the community and provided encouragement to them to also clean their yards and better police the area. The park is now utilized by various schools, churches, and other groups for their events.
    5 : Municipality Donations Jesus Es Real frequently makes larger donations through entities such as the Trujillo Colon municipality for local distribution. Donations such as food, clothing, and toys at Christmas time.
    6 : Children’s Ministry Jesus Es Real is continually reaching out to children, as they are the future, and how they are brought up will determine the direction of the world. This is accomplished through education and fun activities such as puppets, games, prizes, etc. We are partnered with local churches and persons that assist in making these events possible on a regular basis.
    7 : Large Medical Donations Jesus Es Real has made several large donations of medical equipment and supplies throughout Colon. The Tocoa Colon hospital was the recipient of a very valuable mammogram machine, and two large truck loads of equipment such as wheelchairs, hospital beds, hundreds of valuable scalpels and other surgical equipment. Trujillo has received several loads of equipment and supplies, as other medical clinics such as the CEAD clinic of Tegucigalpa.
    8 : Distribution of the “PET” Jesus Es Real has participated in distributing the “PET” in Colon. The PET is a unit designed to give the gift of mobility to the immobile. Those that do not have the use of their legs, however still have upper body functionality. It is an amazing experience to see someone leave under their own power that hasn’t walked for years. It gives them hope, and puts inspiration back in their life.
    9 : Working With School Districts Jesus Es Real remains focused on helping schools. We have made repairs to schools, visited schools making donation distributions, and invited the Trujillo Colon school district to participate in donations recently by giving supplies and computers.
    10 : Prison Ministry Hebrews 13:3 “ Remember those who are in prison, as though in prison with them, and those who are mistreated, since you also are in the body”… We feel it necessary to work with and through these inmates to make a real change in their lives. When they return to the streets rather than being classed as common criminals they can lead productive lives as witnesses for Christ.
    11 : Providing Medical Needs Regularly JER meets the needs of the disabled through donations of wheel chairs, and other medical supplies. In many of these instances, the cases are severe, and at times these donations are literally the difference between life and death.
    12 : Red de Ayuda Earlier this year Jesus Es Real linked up with a local network called “Red De Ayuda, which is a group of around 100 youth from the Pentecostal church “La Iglesia Un Nuevo Amanecer” in Trujillo Colon, pastored by apóstoles Oscar and Mirian de Mejía. This group’s focus has been to work with drug addicts, prostitutes, homosexuals, drunks, and in general many people making a living in the streets. The focus remains to make a difference in their life by loving them, identifying their needs, and being a good Christian witness. The group’s leader and executive director Claudia Yolani Mejía Norales, and group coordinator Marvin Omar Garcia Murillo have both been huge blessings to the JER ministry. When we have projects to plan, they are both instrumental in the logistics of the event.
    13 : Hotel & Mission Center Jesus es Real remains committed to Honduras, and have invested it’s resources in developing the hotel and mission center in Trujillo Colon. The center sports some of the nicest “Americanized” rooms available in Honduras. Rooms equipped with air conditioning, hot water, coffee maker, microwave, and some with refrigerator. All come with modern amenities and clean linens. We also have a luxury suite which is a fully furnished two bedrooms, and a family suite with five private rooms, large living area, and two bathrooms.
    14 : Mission Center Amenities The Jesus Es Real Hotel & Mission Center is not just a hotel. We also have available to groups on the property a large tent that can seat approx. 400 people, including a platform with professional sound equipment and completely lighted for evening functions. The facility is located on one of the most pristine beaches in Central America, and also connected to the airport runway.
    15 : Needs of the Ministry 1- While there are a multitude of needs, the main purpose of this presentation is to one, familiarize you with the Jesus Es Real ministry, as that of Water Missions which is explained in the attached document. At present Jesus Es Real (JER) is sending containers to Honduras in cooperation with Water Missions (MAI). We are sending everything under a MAI dispensa, however we need assistance in obtaining our own dispensa. 2- Recently we purchased a special bus to send to Honduras that is handicapped equipped including a wheelchair lift. Our intention was to use this in our ministry, however there was an oversight in that it is a 1997. The law in Honduras states that a vehicle must be at least a 1998. We would like to request an exception for this bus since first it was already purchased last year with the intent to send, and secondly that it is a special handicapped bus which doesn’t exist in Colon. Recently we applied through Water Missions for the dispensa and it was declined due to the year of the vehicle.
    16 : Needs of the Ministry (cont.) It is imperative that the hotel and mission center to have the support of the country in which we are trying to help, as well as the local municipalities by utilizing the facility when possible. We are the only hotel that invests the proceeds back in to the country and locals, therefore it only stands to reason that the various agencies and mission groups would want to support our facility because it gives back the money to the community. We ask that when there are events in Trujillo with any of the government agencies that you consider the mission center hotel. Our rates are also substantially lower than similar accommodations at competing hotels. We are located right next door to the hotel Christopher Columbus resort. Finally, we would like to request any assistance that can be provided to lower our container shipping costs and taxes. Currently it costs Jesus Es Real approx. $4,200 per container just in shipping and taxes using a dispensa. We have been shipping about every 4-6 weeks, and if the shipping rates were more favorable we could ship frequently from different parts of the USA and work through various ministries in getting relief aid to Honduras.

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