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    by: Mia

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    1 : Television viewing has undergone a massive change. It’s no longer restricted to living room.
    2 : Now, people view program from any place they wish. And that too at their convenient time!
    3 : Flexibility of TV viewing calls for complicity in audience measurement.
    4 : Don’t panic. High quality audience measurement tools are available to know your audience better.
    5 : Your Best Audience Measurement Tools: People Meter Portable People Meter RapidView
    6 : PeopleMeter Offers accurate online audience data since 30 years in UK PeopleMeters may be attached to TV sets to generate audience data that can be reported overnight with help of GPRS and telephone lines.
    7 : Portable People Meter (PPM) This portable medium allows audience measurement when you are out of home. PPMs can detect exclusive codes embedded within audio part of transmission.
    8 : Tracks analogue and digital broadcasts carried over air, by internet, cable or satellite. Nearly 50,000 PPMs are used in different places across the world.
    9 : RapidView Best for cross media audience measurement. Records time shift viewing, Video-on-Demand programs and EPG (Electronic Program Guide) usage.
    10 : Captures essential, complex data of audience directly from digitalized set top boxes via return path. Widely used in UK, New Zealand, USA, Australia and South Africa.
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