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    by: Praneel

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    1 : Pinatas /
    2 : The History of Piñata Traditional Piñata is six pointed star shaped. Its center was made up with clay pot and filled with candy, lollipops or prizes It is hung from a thread or rope and children need to break it with a stick to get candy or prize /
    3 : There’s more to Kids Piñatas than Meets the Eye The next time you throw a birthday party for your little one and invite other kids from the block, make sure you tell them all there’s to know about piñatas. Chances are they see kids’ piñatas as mere containers that are filled with candies, toys and things that catch their fancy Continued… /
    4 : Yes, that they are – beautiful containers, made of cloth and papier-mâché, but there’s more to them. Take for instance, their origin; legend has it that these were first made in China. Likewise, the kids may not know that today these containers might have become popular in Australia and the rest of the world, but these have always been associated with Mexico. /
    5 : Piñatas come in different Shapes Your kid does not need to settle for the usual piñatas, the ones that come in different shapes. Not that they don’t look attractive enough, but with Avatar, Batman and Barbie piñatas, the party indeed comes alive. Continued… /
    6 : These are all licensed kids’ piñatas that you can consider buying to add that special touch to your little one’s birthday party or any other celebration for that matter. These piñatas do cost a bit more than the non-licensed ones but then, if it’s your kid’s happiness that’s at stake, you really don’t want to be a miser. The best part is that with the right supplier, you are unlikely to need to spend much even when you go for some of the licensed piñatas. Hopefully, now your kids know a lot about those attractive-looking containers they see at birthday parties, including the one you throw for them every year. /
    7 : A LARGE round balloon or beach ball A good pile of old newspapers White glue or flour and water to make a paste Scissors Tape Thin cardboard Crayons, markers, poster paint Tissue paper or construction paper String or yarn Goodies to fill the Piñata - this should include candy of course, but also could include holy cards, medals, and other small items like balls, pencils, toy cars, stamps and stamp pads, and anything else that catches your imagination. To make non licensed piñata, you will need: /
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