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    by: Ritika

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    1 : Leadership
    2 : What is leadership? Leading people Influencing people Commanding people Guiding people
    3 : Types of Leaders Leader by the position achieved Leader by personality Leader by moral example Leader by power held Intellectual leader Leader because of ability to accomplish tasks
    4 : Common Activities Performed by a Leader Planning Organizing Directing Controlling
    5 : Leadership Traits Intelligence Knowledge Being able to get things done through others Verbal facility Honesty
    6 : Leadership Traits Initiative Aggressive Self-confident Ambitious Originality
    7 : Leadership Traits Sociability Adaptability
    8 : 7 Basic Principles Have two to three years to make measurable financial and cultural progress Come in knowing current strategy, goals, and challenges. Form hypothesis on operating priorities Balance intense focus on priorities with flexibility on implementation….
    9 : 7 Basic Principles Decide about new organization architecture Build personal credibility and momentum Earn right to transform entity Remember there is no “one” way to manage a transition
    10 : Core Tasks Create Momentum Master technologies of learning, visioning, and coalition building Manage oneself
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