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    1 : Leadership
    2 : Overview Define leadership Present the background & classic studies of leadership Discuss the traditional theories of leadership Identify modern frameworks for leadership Relate the style implications from the classic studies & modern theories of leadership Identify and analyze the skills needed for effective leadership
    3 : Leadership The ability to influence a group toward the achievement of goals “When you boil it down, contemporary leadership seems to a matter of aligning people toward common goals and empowering them to take the actions needed to reach them.” Sherman, 1995 Sanctioned vs. non sanctioned leadership
    4 : Managers Vs Leaders Manager Characteristics Administers A copy Maintains Focuses on systems and structures Relies on control Short range view Asks how and when Eye on bottom line Imitates Accepts the status quo Classic good soldiers Does things right Leader Characteristics Innovates An original Develops Focuses on people Inspires trust Long range perspective Asks what and why Eye on horizon Originates Challenges the status quo Own person Does the right thing
    5 : Trait Theories What characteristics or traits make a person a leader? Great Man Theory: Individuals are born either with or without the necessary traits for leadership Trait theories of leadership sought personality, social, physical or intellectual traits that differentiate leaders from non leaders Trait view has little analytical or predictive value Technical, conceptual and human skills (Katz 1974)
    6 : Behavioral Theories Ohio state studies: initiating structure (task or goal orientation) vs consideration (recognition of individual needs and relationships) University of Michigan studies: Employee oriented ( genuine concern for people) vs production oriented genuine concern for task)

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