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    1 : System concepts tomanagement information system Information system receives inputs of data, instructions,and output the results. The information processing function includes not only the transformation of data into information but also the storing of data for subsequent use. The basic information processing model is useful in understanding not only the overall information processing system but also the individual information processing applications.
    2 : Contd------- Information processing system has functional subsystem such as:- =) Hardware system. =) Operating system. =) Communication system. The basic information processing system model.
    3 : Contd------ Basic model with data storage:- Data Processing Information Data Storage Inputs Processing Outputs
    4 : Fuctional subsystem and application subsystem in information system Application subsystem utility ooperating data database hardware software system commu. ystem Order entry and billing application subsystem makes use of functional payroll and personnel subsystem. marketing management
    5 : The information system can be divided into five major subsystem:- SUBSYSTEM DESCRIPTIONs 1.Hardware and system The computer hardware and the system software necessary for hardware operation . software. 2.Management and information. Planning,Budgeting,Staffing, Training,Evaluation and other mgt funcs. 3.Operations. Operation of the computer facilities in pro- ssing application. 4.Application system development and The development of new application sys- em and maintenance of existing system. maintenance. 5.Appilication system. The system which perform activities nece- ssary to process transaction,updata data, produce output etc.
    6 : Subsystem for information system:- Hardware and system software :-subsystem not shown. Management and administration :- planning. staffing. performance evaluation resource accountability. Operations processing operations -System resource use. -Program and data media library. - Processing control -S ystem software maintnance. -Hardware maintenance. -
    7 : Contd…… Availability operations. :-Security. Backup and recovery . Application system developement and maintenance. Application system development Application system design and implementation. File/database design. Application system maintenance. Modification and maintenance of application system. Modification and maintenance of file/database designs. Application system. Data capture/transaction origin. Input. Data Transaction. Transaction processing. Update of data. Retrieval of data. Output/report preparation and distribution. Output/report use.
    8 : System analysis and design The followig systems concept must be applied in developing information system project:- -system should be defind priorly. -Responsibility should be assigned. -Subsystems should be defined. -Boundaries and interfaces are carefully specified. -Development schedule should be prepared. -Control system should be used to monitor the development processes.
    9 : Use of subsystem in information system design:- Informatioon system can be described as a hierarchy of subsystems. The structured design approach encourages definition of subsystems from the top down at each “level” of the hierarchy. This allows development personnel to clearly define the objectives of each subsystem and provide checkpoints for its accomplishments. The concept of block box is also useful when subsystem ,boundaries, and interfaces are being designed. For example when designing an order entry system ,credit checking may be viewed as a black box and not defined in terms of the rules for deciding whether a customer can be given credit .it is defined as to input and output . Later in the development process a system analyst is provided with the defined input and required outputs and designed to work with the credit departments as it defines the rules inside the black box.
    10 : Decoupling of information system:- In information system design,emphasis is placed on the basis decoupling of subsystem is as independent as possible. This enhances the the adaptability of the system by permitting isolation of the impact of potential changes on the system. In other words ,the more decoupled (or loosely coupled) the system ,the easier to modify a subsystem without affecting the rest of the system . Ease of maintenance and assurance of error-free code for important goals of design.
    11 : Contd…… Decoupling can be achieved by defining subsystem so that each perform a single complete function ;thus connection between subsystem are minimized. For instance in order entry,credit checking is done in only one subsystem and credit information is only required by that module. Another method of decoupling is minimizing the the degree of interconnection. The concept of decoupling is also useful to the overall design information system and the human machine interface.example of inventories or buffer slack resources and standards.
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