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    by: CODENAME12

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    1 : Mobile App Development Life Cycle
    2 : Market Analysis Mobile applications usage is growing day by day. Thanks to phenomenal advances in mobile device capabilities, your smartphone continues to define you. The apps you use are developed as a result of a meticulous mobile development life cycle. Every mobile app is designed using the best development strategy in mind.
    3 : Mobile App Usage Download Stats
    4 : Most Popular Type of Apps
    5 : Mobile App Development Phases A mobile app development life cycle usually consists of the following phases: The Discovery Phase The Design Phase The Development Testing Phase Maintenance Updates Phase
    6 : 1. The Discover Phase Tasks Requirements analysis System definition Prototyping Benefits Framework driven requirement specification Get it right the first time by prototyping your project Improve usability and user buy-in by letting them use the prototyped system Manage user/customer expectations Manage IT staff expectations More accurate size and cost estimate 
    7 : 2. The Design Phase Tasks System design Database design Business Process Integration design Benefits Choice of deployment platform Choice of Application Interface Choice of user interface (browser, Windows rich-client or portable devices) Centralized/reusable business rules Centralized/reusable business processes Normalized database design Framework driven design process Reuse/integration of existing data and functions and systems
    8 : 3. The Development Testing Phase Tasks Develop system Business Process Integration User acceptance testing System and performance testing Implementation/deployment
    9 : Benefit User prototype from the design phase as basis for system Framework driven development process One integrated suite of development tools Lower skill requirements Multi skilling Business level coding Task tracking and audit Downplay/hide technology focus Easy-to-learn and master Deploy same code to multiple platforms Task and change control tracking RDML level debugging Multitier, real-time client/server testing and tracing Just-In-Time deployment
    10 : 4. Maintenance Updates Phase Tasks Ongoing system maintenance Extend and enhance functionality Benefits Centralized/reusable business rules Centralized/reusable business processes Repository based impact analysis
    11 : Thank You Mobile App Development Life Cycle

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