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    by: Riya

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    1 : Modern Agricultural Technologies an Asset to Farmers
    2 : India is an agricultural country, with more than half of the population dependant on agriculture, in order to survive. Traditionally, farming was an extremely physical occupation. Before planting any seeds, it is important to prepare the field. This includes the harrowing and ploughing. This was done either with a manual plough or with one drawn by an ox. These processes used to be extremely time consuming and it could take the farmer days, in order to prepare the field. Once this was done, it was time to plant the seeds. This was also extremely time-consuming as they had to be planted manually. All in all the process was crude, time consuming and extremely taxing on the farmer. Traditional Farming in India
    3 : Since the introduction of the Green Revolution, the Government has taken a number of steps to make sure that modern farming equipment are more freely available. This equipment includes the use of tractors, which go a long way in aiding agricultural activities. A plough can be attached to the back of the vehicle and the field can be prepared in quick time. In addition to this, a drill can be attached to the back of the tractor and it can be used to sow seeds. The vehicle can also be used to transport grains, fertilizers and other goods from one end of the farm to the next. Thus, the tractor proves to be a priceless asset for farmers. Introduction of the Green Revolution
    4 : All these technologies come at a cost. In order to make them affordable to the farmers, the Government has introduced loans, which come with affordable rates of interest. They also offer other subsidies in order to aid the farmers in every way that they can. In this manner, modern technology can simplify the lives of farmers in every way possible. It is important that they are given access to this technology, so that they can put their best foot forward and thus increase the agricultural production of the nation. Support to Modern Agriculture to Help Farmers
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