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    by: Howard

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    1 : Post Acute Withdrawal Syndrome: The Pain and then the Relief
    2 : Many people use drugs or alcohol to find momentary relief from their problems. Drugs bring in artificial relief by stimulating the brain. Narconon Fresh Start says after using drugs for longer periods, its effects start to diminish. Finally when addicts realize the damage and try to get rid of the addiction, they confront PAWS or Post Acute Withdrawal Syndrome. PAWS adversely affects the psyche of the subject and make life very difficult for them. Post Acute Withdrawal Syndrome:
    3 : Drug Withdrawal Symptoms: According to Narconon Fresh Start, within hours of quitting drugs, the person will start experiencing the withdrawal symptoms. This can include agitation, chills, shivering and vomiting. While initial symptoms are related to the body, in a couple of week’s time the individual will start experiencing psychological symptoms. Both physiological and emotional symptoms come under PAWS. These symptoms can be experienced for 3 to 6 months. The length and intensity of these symptoms entirely depend on how long the subject relied on drugs. These symptoms are the result of the brain trying to get artificial stimulators, to make up for its inability to function normally. It will take more than 3 months for the brain to get used to the new circumstances.
    4 : 1. Under the influence of PAWS, the subject will have several difficulties with Cognitive processes. Ability to solve simple problems will be hampered. Sometimes, the subject will find it difficult to separate two different events and will make some unexplainable decisions. The emotional aspect will also be greatly affected. Difficulties Under PAWS:
    5 : 2. Even little things can cause agitation. At this time, not only will the subject undergo a difficult time but also the family and friends. The subject will also find it difficult to remember things, since memory will also be affected. It would become hard to even remember events that happened just 30 minutes ago. Difficulties Under PAWS:
    6 : 3. As time passes by, the effects of PAWS will reduce and times of good mood and great energy will increase. However, it must be remembered that symptoms will take time before they are fully gone. After having a great day, the very next day could be equally bad. It is important for the subject to stay convinced that the symptoms will completely go away, and very soon they will be fully free from the after effects of quitting drugs. Difficulties Under PAWS:
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