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    Natural or Man-made Chemicals


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    1 : Natural or Man-made Chemicals? Adapted from a presentation by Penny Le Couteur, The Fraser Institute, Vancouver, Canada
    2 : “All substances are poisonous, there is none which is not a poison; the right dose differentiates a poison from a remedy.” Paracelsus circa 1538
    3 : The great myth “Natural is good; man-made is bad”
    4 : It may be natural but you’ll be just as dead!
    5 : The seven most deadly chemical compounds LD50 = The lethal dose of a compound for 50% of animals exposed * Synthetic
    6 : The best chemists can do
    7 : Viktor Yushchenko President of the Ukraine July 2004 December 2004
    8 : Muscarine - from mushrooms
    9 : Bufotoxin – from the common toad
    10 : The next ten …. (most deadly) * Synthetic
    11 : Vitamin C Ascorbic acid
    12 : Other variations of “natural is good; man-made is bad” Synthetic chemicals were not around as man evolved so we haven’t had time to become resistant to them as we have to naturally occurring compounds. Synthetic chemicals bioaccumulate in our bodies.
    13 : Chemicals in food: Advertisements from “organic food” stores “We read the labels so you don’t have to. We want you to concentrate on how good the food tastes and not worry about words that you can’t pronounce”
    14 : Chemicals in food: Advertisements from “organic food” stores “We keep the chemicals out of your food”
    15 : Chemicals in food: Advertisements from “organic food” stores “We think your food tastes better without the flavour of preservatives”
    16 : Chemicals used to preserve food BHA= butylated hydroxyanisole BHT = butylated hydroxytoluene EDTA = ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid
    17 : Sodium nitrite Risk: Cancer from nitrosamines Benefit: Prevents botulism in meats NO2- + HCl ? HNO2 + Cl- HNO2 + (CH3)2NH ? (CH3)2NNO + H2O
    18 : Natural toxins in food
    19 : Natural toxins in food –part 2
    20 : Don’t worry, it’s organic Organic farming is a multi-dollar industry that relies on the public’s perception that organic food is more healthy. There is little evidence to suggest that organic fruit and vegetables are any healthier than conventional produce. Some forms of organic farming may introduce natural toxins into consumers’ food. Chemistry World, June 2004
    21 : Science writer John Emsley quotes We come into this world with a wonderful built-in detoxifying system that protects us against thousands of natural toxins every day. Cancer (from synthetic chemicals) is a risk, but the risk may be so low as to be worth ignoring.
    22 : Cosmetics Cinnamon Citrus Angelica Almond extract Clove Bergamot Cornstarch Fennel Geranium Lavender Lemon balm Lime Papaya Peppermint Rose Thyme Witch hazel Wintergreen
    23 : Should DDT be banned everywhere?
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