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    by: Dheera

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    1 : Come To Nepal By: Amneet Randhawa
    2 : Weather in Nepal Weather is dry from October to May. Rainy monsoon from June to September. March to April and October and November are the best times to visit Nepal.
    3 : Places to go First sight of Nepal might leave you speechless, it is beautiful! Visit Kathamandu Valley where you can view many temples and also view and climb the beautiful mountains. Visit Pokhara Valley where you can view the beauty of the snowcapped mountains. It is the biggest city of Nepal. Himalaya Hotel is a nice place to go if you would like to view the Himalaya mountains. A nice restaurant is the Gurkhas Restaurant which serves Indian, Nepali and Tibetan food.
    4 : Cultural Fast Facts Has many religions and languages. Nepalese is the major language. Hello is said by saying, “Namaste.” It’s famous for its cultural heritage and scenic beauty. Lots of holidays all year long. Population of 21.5 million. Religions are: Hindu, Buddhist, Muslim, Christian, Jain.
    5 : Clothes Women wear traditional beaded scarves. Women also wear dresses, blouses or saris with gold ornaments or jewelry. Men wear trousers with a blouse-like shirt that is tied to the waste. With this they wear a pointy peak like hat. This family is not as traditional as others.
    6 : Nepali Food A lot of rice with lentils. Rice with pulses is also common. To drink it is probably milk or water. They really just have all kinds of food.
    7 : I HOPE YOU ENJOY YOUR TRIP TO NEPAL!!!!! Thank you for watching ?

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