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    by: Rogers

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    1 : Our pets ToGether foR a bEtter EnvironmeNt Comenius project 2010 - 2012 ?? Dimotiko Sxolio Pera Choriou – Nisou CYPRUS
    2 : My pet is a dog. It was a birthday present from my father. Its name is Rocky and it is two years old. It is white, black and brown with short hair. It has black eyes and its ears are big. It has a long tail, which is thick like a bear. My dog is a Bikol and sometimes we take him to dogs’ shows and contests. It runs very fast like the wind. I love my dog. My dog
    3 : My favorite animal is my dog. It was a birthday present. Its name is Lily. We named her Lily, because she was eating our flowers. Its colour is white, black and brown. It has fluffy hair. It also has red eyes, as if it has never slept. Its nose is black and it is very cute. Sometimes during night its nose looks like a ball. Its teeth are vey sharp like thorns and its ears are very long. One day, while she was walking she stumpled upon her ears. I love my dog. Lily, my dog
    4 : I always wanted to have a dog. That’s why I was very happy when my parents brought me a dog for a present. My dog’s name is Spouki. It is five months old. Spouki is brown with fluffy hair, like a rabbit. Its eyes are black and its nose is very cute. Its ears are small and they look like a triangle. I love my dog. Spouki, my dog
    5 : My favorite animal is the dog. My godfather gave me a dog for my birthday. It is one year old. Its name is Potter. Potter’s colour is light brown. Its hair is soft and fluffy. Its eyes are brown and its ears look like the moon. I love my dog very much and I am very happy that I have him. I wish he is always healthy. Potter, my dog
    6 : My dog is my favourite animal. Its name is Ailton. It was a present from my teacher. It is three months old. Ailton is white. It is short and very small. It has big black eyes. It also has a big black nose. It looks like a small ball. Its ears are not big enough and its tail is short. I love him as if he was my younger brother. I hope he will be always with me. Ailton, my dog
    7 : Dogs as pets need: To have someone with them for company. To have proper food and water every day. To have their own place with their “bed and blanket” in order to get rest. To have their own collar and leash in order to be easily identified in case of being lost.
    8 : To have place for playing. To have their own toys for playing. To have grooming equipment for brushing their hair. To have love and attention from their owners.
    9 : My favourite animal is my cat. I call him Fatty because he is too fat. I found him in a field outside of my house. He is six months old. His hair is black and brown. It is also rich and fluffy. Its eyes are green. Its nose is pink like a pig. Its tail is black and grey and it is very soft. I love my cat. I wish that all drivers are driving carefully in order to avoid hiding any cats in the roads. My cat
    10 : Cats as pets need: To have proper food and water every day. To have a peaceful place to get rest and sleep. To run, jump and chase things. To have a small door in order to get out and in whenever they want.
    11 : To have a wooden pole in order to scratch their nails and to play. To be often brushed in order to have clean and smooth hair. Cats with long hair need every day brushing.
    12 :
    13 : My favourite animal is my parrot. My father gave it to me. Its name is Lily. It is seven months old. Her colour is very nice. She has various colours such as red, green, yellow and blue. Its feathers are bright and shiny. Its eyes are blue and its beak is sharp like eagle’s. Its tail is very beautiful. I love my parrot. I hope I will have it for a long time. My parrot
    14 : Parrots as pets need: To have food and water every day. To have bath in order to be clean. To have toys like mirrors and ladders in their bird cage. To have plenty of love and time from their owners.
    15 : Animals’ basic needs: All pets need: Proper home. Food and water. Care and attention. Veterinary visits. Love. To feel safe and free.

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