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    by: Liza

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    1 : Overview and facts of AIDS Presented By Dr. Liza Watts Lisa Watts is a recognized social activist. She runs a NGO that spreads AIDS awareness. Her organization has helped people immensely in understanding each and every aspect related to AIDS. You can get more information on How You Get Aids.
    2 : Overview and facts of AIDS There are many ways through which a person can catch HIV infection. The more knowledge you will have on AIDS, the more safe you will be from it.
    3 : Overview and facts of AIDS AIDS is a fatal disease that is eating human civilization since the last few decades. It has been over 20 years, since the discovery of this disease, and still there is no permanent cure for it. According to the HIV and AIDS facts approx 30 million people have lost their lives to this disease and on an average 14000 people get infected everyday. Such is the wide spread of this disease. The current medication for this disease is only limited to suppress the infection in the body so that immune system gets time to rebuild and fight with the opportunistic diseases.
    4 : Overview and facts of AIDS When a person gets HIV infection , the virus starts attacking the CD4 helper lymphocytes cells. These CD4 helper cells are the white blood cells that help to keep the immune system of the humans intact and fight off the opportunistic diseases and infection. Once the viral load increases in blood the immune system start getting weaker with each passing day and then comes a day when it is completely unable to fight the disease thus making way to many diseases. This final stage of infection is called AIDS.
    5 : Overview and facts of AIDS There are many causes of HIV AIDS like practice of unsafe sex, having multiple sex partner. Using shared needle for administering drugs, through blood transfusion. Transfusion of infected blood was one of the biggest reason behind the wide spread of this disease until the last decade. However, with the presence of high quality blood screening, the chances of catching the infection at present is zero.
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