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    by: Rogers

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    1 : Overview of the Indian Economy and Related Opportunitiesby Marvin HildebrandConsul General of Canada in Mumbai
    2 : “Our Problem is Scale.Our problem is feeding and educating a billion people. You have to go to the rural areas to see what it is like.” Rajdeep Sahrawat, Vice-President National Association of Software and Service Companies
    3 : India and Canada: A Snapshot Saskatoon
    4 : What we have in Common Commonwealth Democratic traditions Westminster systems of government Diversity People links
    5 : India and Canada….We’re both among the top dozen economies in the world $ 1.6 Trillion $ 1.5 Trillion
    6 : Indian Economy Principal Source of Work/Income Security in India Sectoral Composition of GDP (2010-2011)
    7 : Some enduring issues for India Monsoon Interest Rates Inflation Oil Prices Global Economy
    8 : Some other considerations for India Inclusive Growth Foreign Direct Investment Policy Governance, Delays Infrastructure Needs Scale (a.k.a. opportunity)
    9 : Scale in India means… World’s largest producer of milk, and second-largest producer of wheat and rice 6,600 companies on the Bombay Stock Exchange World’s second-largest pharmaceutical industry after China World’s second-largest small car market World’s second-largest group of software developers 100 Fortune 500 R & D facilities Super computer manufacturer Satellite launches
    10 : Canada’s Strategy for India Bilateral trade of $15 billion by 2015 Increased investment flows, focusing on Infrastructure, ICT, CleanTech, Automotive, Life Sciences, and Financial Services Canada an increasingly attractive trading partner Canada an S&T / innovation partner Focus on Higher Education and Institutional Collaboration Build the “Canada Brand”
    11 : Bilateral Commerce (2010) Merchandise exports to India: $ 2.1 Billion Major exports: Pulses, Fertilizer, Paper and paperboard, Machinery, Wood and Pulp Merchandise imports from India: $ 2.1 Billion Major imports: Organic chemicals, Precious stones and metals, Knit and apparel, woven apparel, machinery Canadian Investment in India: $ 492 Million Indian Investment in Canada: $ 6.5 Billion
    12 : Major CDIA in India
    13 : Major FDI from India in Canada
    14 : Trade Policy Agenda Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (CEPA) Foreign Investment Promotion and Protection Agreement (FIPA) Nuclear Cooperation Agreement Sector Specific MoUs Mining Agriculture Higher Education S&T Agreement
    15 : Priority Sectors in India
    16 : Agriculture and Agrifood – Market Snapshot
    17 : Agriculture and Agrifood – Opportunities Exports Agri-food products Genetics, fertilizer Equipment (e.g. production, handling, sorting, grading) Investment Food processing End-to-end cold chains Technology Transfer and Capacity Building Farm management Food processing Grain handling
    18 : Life Sciences – Market Snapshot World’s second-largest pharmaceutical producer Large, fragmented pharmaceutical industry, focused on generic drugs but increasingly looking at R&D Growing biotech market ($3 billion in 2009) $40 billion healthcare industry and increasing number of private hospitals Growth propelled by growing “consuming class”, willing to pay for private healthcare
    19 : Life Sciences – Opportunities Significant R&D opportunities both in Canada and India drug development clinical trials contract research Medical devices and equipment for private hospitals
    20 : CleanTech – Market Snapshot Renewable Energy Wind, biomass, and solar represent 8% of power supply Installed capacity of 16,000 MW -- primarily wind Provides solutions for small-scale rural electrification Environmental Technologies Insufficient water and waste water management systems throughout the country Inadequate solid waste management systems Growing demand for solutions from petrochemical and pharmaceutical industries in particular
    21 : CleanTech – Opportunities Increasing awareness of need for innovative and efficient high-technologies solutions for infrastructure development Huge growth potential for renewable energy, including for rural electrification: Wind power Small hydro Biomass/co-generation power Solar (including home solutions) Water, waste water and solid waste management solutions Government investing in research and capacity building
    22 : Information Communication Technologies – Market Snapshot World’s second-largest and fastest-growing telecom market About 700 million subscribers and 13 mobile operators Half of the world’s back office services BPO and software sub-sectors employ over 2.3 million directly and 8.2 million indirectly, with revenues of US $73 billion in FY2010 Animation and gaming industries growing rapidly (estimated revenues of $1.8 billion by 2012)
    23 : Information Communication Technologies - Opportunities Government commitment to increase telecom infrastructure e-governance, e-learning and e-health projects Mobile media content, entertainment software, gaming Security solutions, network tools Geomatics Pre and post-production work in animation
    24 : Tips For Doing Business Strategic planning, due diligence, consistent follow-up, patience and commitment Factor in differing regional opportunities, standards, languages, cultural differences, and levels of economic development Protect your company’s intellectual property rights Take time to select the right entry strategy – choosing the right partner is critical to success India is a mature market with significant domestic and international competition - visit often and send senior people when possible Don’t underestimate your Indian competitors
    25 : The Canadian Trade Commissioner Service (TCS) Located in More than 150 cities worldwide, 18 offices across Canada. 8 offices in India Canada’s most comprehensive network of international trade professionals
    26 : Building Canada’s Economy The TCS promotes Canada’s economic interests in the global marketplace The TCS facilitates Foreign-market access Trade leads Exports Business contacts Events Technology transfer Licensing agreements Joint-venture development Investment in Canada Four Key Services
    27 : Our offices in India High Commission New Delhi Consulate General Chandigarh Consulate General Mumbai Trade Office Kolkata Trade Office Hyderabad Consulate Chennai Trade Office Bangalore Trade Office Ahmedabad
    28 : Meet Our Team Mr. Nicolas LepageConsul & Senior Trade Commissioner Ms. Erin HuntVice-Consul & Trade Commissioner Mr. Sachin BalpandeTrade Commissioner(Information Communications Technology & Extractive Industries) Mr. Kishor MundargiTrade Commissioner(Infrastructure, Financial Services, & Nuclear Energy) Ms. Yasmine DubashTrade Commissioner(Automotive, CleanTech) Mr. Varun AnthonyTrade Commissioner Assistant(Agriculture and Agri-food) Ms. Elaine D'SouzaTrade Commissioner Assistant(Life-Sciences) Ms. Jeena GeorgeTrade Commissioner Assistant – Ahmedabad(Education) Mrs. Dilnavaz DalalTrade Commissioner Assistant
    29 : Fort House, 6th Floor, 221, Dr. D.N. Road, Fort, Mumbai: 400 001, India Tel: +91-22-6749-4444 Fax: +91-22-6749-4454 Canada in India Consulate General of Canada in Mumbai

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