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    by: Dr. Ashutosh Karnatak

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    1 : P2RL
    2 : Success Parameters Success of an individual depends on: Perception Performance Relationship Luck Success = P*P*R*L For a typical calculation, let us consider: P=0.8 P=1.0 R=0.5 L= 1.0 S=0.8*1.0*0.5*1.0=0.40
    3 : How different parameters influence the success of the individual??? © Dr. Ashutosh Karnatak 2011
    4 : PERCEPTION Perception is a phenomenon which is made by others. Generally once perception is formed, it is difficult to improve upon it whether it is good or bad. Generally there is parallax between perception made by others and that made by oneself. It is my observation that perception hits hard in the mind of an individual. Total Perception (TP) = Individual Perception (IP) + Environmental Perception (EP)
    5 : PERFORMANCE This is the most important aspect of the professional life of anyone. Performance is not limited to the disposal of assigned work but also other attributes like leadership, decision making, relationship with peer group, problem resolving attitude etc. It is clear and simple that one has to perform, and perception and relationship supports it.
    6 : RELATIONSHIP There are three types of relationships Barter Relationship: Relationship is sustained as long as the barter between two individuals continues. There is no emotion involved in this case. Fixed Deposit Relationship: You maintain it just to take support in case of need. It is like an insurance which is offered to someone without payment of premium. Emotional Relationship: The type of relationship is of a pure form. It is based on emotions.. In this, one likes to use himself for the welfare of the other to the fullest extent.
    7 : LUCK If some event is going to take place, it would take place as it is destined to. Fate or destiny is the conspiracy of forces to make the thing happen. So, if one is destined to be successful then perception, performance and relationship is going to be favourable. This does not mean that we should depend only on perception, performance or relationships for success. Requisite effort has to be put in for optimal gain from these factors.
    8 : AGE & P2RL © Dr. Ashutosh Karnatak 2011
    9 : Phase - I: From 23 to 35 years First three years are very important for any individual after joining a job as he is new to corporate life. This is the point when Perception about him is being formed by others or his environment.  It this is the stage where perception is formed along with professional capabilities. Conclusively, Perception : Formation stage Performance : Formation stage Relationship : not very important
    10 : Phase-II: 35 to 45 years This is the phase, when perception formation has reached a plateau and very little improvement is perceived by others. Its the time when the relationship with internal as well as external environment is blossoming. Selection of the right person with whom the relationship is to be maintained, requires dexterity. Conclusively: Perception : Almost frozen Performance : Still Continuing Relationship : Formation stage
    11 : Phase-III: 45 to 55 years The environment is able to understand about the individual and the process of perception is almost frozen. By this time one has developed enough maturity, become professionally sound as well have achieved financial comfort. Relationships become important and run parallel to perception and professional capabilities. From this point onwards, relationship with your superiors, peers even with sub-ordinates counts. Conclusively: Perception : Frozen Performance : Already Established Relationship : Needs development
    12 : Phase-IV: 55 years and above Only minimal improvement can be made as by this time the mental conditioning has matured. Very little improvement is expected as most individuals reach a mental plateau condition by this stage. However, relationships start giving dividend as we grow older. Relationships matter because competency levels of all the competitors are almost the same, so selection is to be done based on strength of relationships. Conclusively: Perception : Frozen Performance : Already Established Relationship : Keeps on developing
    13 : Graphical Representation © Dr. Ashutosh Karnatak 2011
    14 : Professional Tips © Dr. Ashutosh Karnatak 2011
    15 : Do’s Habit of working is good, habit of working with time is better but habit of completing the work within time is best. Leadership is to understand everyone working with you and definitely you must assert on the issues which you want to carry forward. Selection of people should be done properly. It is the key to success in any project. While going for good works also, check for its fallout Habit of reading books is good for individual as it enhances the data base and while talking or lecturing it gives benefit. Develop habit of reading
    16 : Do’s Technique of appreciation enhances productivity and motivates persons. One is required to neglect the weakness of others. It may be employee, contractor, family member or any one. It helps a lot. Some one must see ahead so that proper actions can be taken for risks, if they are visible. There has to a system to sense early warning signals. Develop early warning system. There has to a system for communicating with employees. Develop a better communication system. There will be gaps between goal and outcome. Accept it. Strive for betterment.
    17 : Do’s Give your 100% Break the problem into pieces to solve it. In order to get work from the employee or contractor, be empathetic to them. Read the documents before sending to management as a cross check. Maintain Silence as far as possible. Interact frequently with concerned persons
    18 : Do’s Essential quality of bosses / leaders is to develop fighting spirit after failure. Develop fighting spirit in your subordinates. Structuring Arguments / Presentation and preparation before meeting. Every time you must have one thing in mind - How am I making difference in organization, society, home etc.
    19 : Do’s You can get work from anyone provided you want. Don't condemn any one. Any organization runs on A, B, C and D Type of employees. Always try to upgrade them through counseling or training. Give additional support to the employee, who is not able to perform well. Must understand psychic of dealing official. Daily diary of activities and recording of lessons learnt
    20 : Dont’s Don't be complacent Don't sign on any paper without understanding, particularly those going to higher ups. Bosses don't want any problem to them and if possible they should not be forced to take decisions. You should not water a banyan tree as it does not need. Better water plants which give flowers.
    21 : Dont’s Leaders should not give up in any circumstances; they always should fight back with the circumstances. Never give up. It is not necessary to react immediately. Understand the situation first and better keep mum till then as far is possible. Better to stand on your own feet than depending on others. Better try to get that mark which you achieve on your own.
    22 : Other Tips It is difficult to get the things done as per your views. Sometimes you have to exert your position. Knowing persons who are not worthy, becomes liability to boss. Everyone likes a good person. Maintaining good qualities is difficult and requires lot of effort. People wait for leaders but they expect leader be truthful and detached from results.
    23 : Other Tips Bosses should be like therapist, who should understand problem of the sub-ordinates and try to give suitable solutions and in case of canorous disease he should not hesitate to operate it. Team should walk together when moving outside. It is a better way to display cohesion, rather leader ahead and others behind. Assertivetdue (Assesrtive + Service attitude) leadership is required in day to day functioning. Nursing leadership is anticipated from a leader now a days.
    24 : Other Tips People don't take decision from the fear of unknown. Long presentations should be like journey from one end to other. The flow should be smooth and not a bumpy one. We often fail in obvious things Persuasion is the best tool to get the work done. Scolding of boss may be for your improvement. The stress which you experience is to improve you i.e. to take out your potential.
    25 : Take Away © Dr. Ashutosh Karnatak 2011
    26 : People should develop skills commensurate with their ages. Perception is fluid at initial stages of career but becomes more solid with time. Performance depends on strong will and modestly supported by favorable perception and environment. Relationships are built at later stages of life but its foundation lies on earlier performance and others’ perception. © Dr. Ashutosh Karnatak 2011
    27 : All the three parameters are interrelated i.e. one affects the other two quantitatively as well as qualitatively. Luck pervades all the other 3 parameters. But it is something out of control. So focus on 3 parameters and know where you stand so that you can plan where you have to go. © Dr. Ashutosh Karnatak 2011

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