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    by: Rogers

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    1 : Pets and Disasters
    2 : Pets in Disasters After Hurricane Andrew struck Southern Florida, in 1992, many victims were distressed when they discovered that they could not stay at public shelters if they had pets with them.
    3 : Pet Issues are People Issues 58% of U.S. households own animals. The media often reports the needs of animals, both domestic and wild, affected by disasters
    4 : Pet Issues are People Issues Some people are more concerned for their animals in disasters than they are for themselves. This may impair their ability to make sensible decisions about their own safety and that of rescue workers. Examples include: Evacuation failures and re-entry attempts, and Unsafe rescue attempts.
    5 : Pets 252.3568 Emergency sheltering of persons with pets.--In accordance with s. 252.35, the division shall address strategies for the evacuation of persons with pets in the shelter component of the state comprehensive emergency management plan and shall include the requirement for similar strategies in its standards and requirements for local comprehensive emergency management plans. The Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services shall assist the division in determining strategies regarding this activity.
    6 : Implementation Step One: Establish Policy Guidelines Step Two: Develop Standard Operating Guides, Procedures, and Best Practices Step Three: Training & Implementation
    7 : Policy Guidance Include pets in family disaster plans
    8 : Policy Guidance Take your pets with you when ordered to evacuate The best plan is to evacuate with your pets to friends and/or family Identify and promote pet friendly policies of Hotels and Motels during emergencies Shelters are life boats, for both you and/or your pets
    9 : Policy Guidance Evacuation support should include people with pets Evacuation Routes Buses Special Needs
    10 : Policy Guidance Sheltering, no one should be turned away from a shelter with pets Options Co-located Pet Friendly Shelters Centralized Pet Shelters Boarding facilities and animal shelters, volunteer groups
    11 : Policy Guidance Shelters - Service animals should never be turn away or separated from their owner
    12 : Policy Guidance Animal rescue teams should be integrated in ESF 9 - Search and Rescue (SAR) Animal SAR teams should be typed and credentialed for the level of service they are capable of
    13 : Additional Actions Add major Pet Retailers to the SERT in support of ESF 17

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