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    by: Rogers

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    1 : Project Management Keerti Bhusan Pradhan Faculty-LAICO Aravind Eye care System, India
    2 : What is Project Management? Project : A group of milestones or phases, activities or tasks that support an effort to accomplish something Management : is the process of Planning, Organizing, Controlling and Measuring
    3 : Project... A collection of linked activities, carried out in an organised manner,with a clearly defined START POINT and END POINT to achieve some specific results desired to satisfy the needs of the organisation at the current time
    4 : Project Management A dynamic process that utilises the appropriate resources of the organisation in a controlled and structured manner, to achieve some clearly defined objectives identified as needs. It is always conducted within a defined set of constraints
    5 : What does Project Management Entail? Planning: is the most critical and gets the least amount of our time Beginning with the End in mind-Stephen Covey Organizing: Orderly fashion (Contingent/Prerequisites) Controlling: is critical if we are to use our limited resources wisely Measuring: To determine if we accomplished the goal or met the target?
    6 : Measuring……. Are we efficient? Are we productive? Are we doing a good job? What is the outcome? Is it what we wanted to be? If you can’t plan it, You can’t do it If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it
    7 : Who uses Project Management? Nearly Everyone to some degree People plan their Days, their Weeks, their Vacations and their Budgets and keep a simple project management form known as ‘’To Do’’ list Any Process or Means used to track tasks or efforts towards accomplishing a goal could be considered Project Management
    8 : Why is Project Management used? It is necessary to Track or Measure the progress we have achieved towards a Goal we wish to accomplish We use Project Management to Aid us in Maximizing and Optimizing our resources to accomplish our goals
    9 : How much time does Project Management take? Not much. Probably more time is wasted as a consequence of lack of Project Management tool than is spent to Plan adequately, Organize, Control effectively and Measure appropriately How long: As long as there are things to do
    10 : Why is Project Management Important? Enables us to map out a course of action or work plan Helps us to think systematically and thoroughly Unique Task Specific Objective Variety of Resources Time bound
    11 : Advantages In built Monitoring/ Sequencing Easy and Early identification of Bottlenecks Activity based costing Identification and Addition of missing and new activities Preempting unnecessary activity/expenditure Timely Completion Assigning tasks Reporting
    12 : Road to Better Project Management Find a Project plan that fits your style of project management needs It may be as simple as creating templates, forms and spreadsheets to track tasks Formation of a Project Management committee Listing out all the tasks and sub-tasks to accomplish a goal Jot down the time period and person responsible against each task/sub-task
    13 : Identify a Project Manager Identify Task Managers Sequence the activities in relation to time period Present to the PMC Finalize by reaching an agreement and start work…... Road to Better Project Management
    14 : Implementation Regular Monitoring Resource Support Critical issues discussed and solution Meeting with the team on completion of each major milestone Track the progress against the plan System to add/delete tasks in the PMT
    16 : Project Management…. Work Smart Not Hard !!!

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