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    by: Jim

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    1 : Pros and Cons of Classified Sites
    2 : Classified Sites – An Introduction Classified sites provide a wide-reaching online platform to buy, sell, and advertise products, services, job openings, etc. Ads on the internet are easily searchable and tend to have low-cost structures.
    3 : Pros of Classified Sites Adverts on classified sites are either free of cost or tend to have reasonable cost structure. Posting an ad on a classified site is easier than doing the same in a newspaper or any other local publication.
    4 : Pros of Classified Sites Classified sites provide categories and subcategories for a posting, which makes it easier to reach the target audience and maximize the business. A buyer or user can compare various brands and products side by side on a classified site.
    5 : Pros of Classified Sites Classified sites provide a credible platform to buy and sell used items. These sites are excellent for posting adverts related to real estate (rents, sale, and purchase of property).
    6 : Cons of Classified Sites Ads and postings on classified sites tend to expire quickly If the initial number of clicks are not sufficient then there is a considerable dip in the ranking of classified sites
    7 : Cons of Classified Sites Visibility of the ads decreases if they are posted on a single site In order to get better results, the ads have to be posted many times on different classified sites
    8 : Cons of Classified Sites Number of clicks does not necessarily equate to the number of actual interested buyers As a user, it can get confusing to search for highly specific products/ brands/ services on these sites
    9 : What should you do? Overall, posting adverts on a classified site is an excellent way of generating more traffic and increasing your reach in the market. You can get better results on these sites by posting on multiple platforms and keeping your ads updated.
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