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    by: Rogers

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    1 : Publishing Public Health Policy: Snapshot Neil Hann Leslie Beitsch Deborah Holtzman Ted Brown Ken McLeroy Mary E. Northridge
    2 : Neil Hann AJPH Editorial Board Chair Health Policy and Publishing
    3 : What is a Public Health Policy? Laws, regulations and rules (formal and informal) that impact conditions (economic, social or physical environments) lead toward the adoption of behaviors conducive to health.
    4 : Aging Cancer Diabetes Nutrition Oral Health Physical Activity Arthritis CVD School Health Tobacco Control Injury Prevention Policy Examples
    5 : Publishing Policy Initiatives Challenge is to publish analytic studies on policy implementation that result in measurable outcomes. Papers should be evidence-based rather than just “what to do.”
    6 : Leslie Beitsch Department Editor Government, Politics & Law The Role of Translation Research
    7 : 10 Great Public Health Achievements of the 20th Century Immunizations Motor vehicle safety Food safety And more
    8 : IOM REPORT Core functions Policy development
    9 : Practice Examples Tobacco Control Florida Health Start
    10 : Translation Research Beta blockers NEJM & JAMA Limited public health use of evidence Guide to Community Preventive Services Ground level implementation of policy
    11 : Deborah Holtzman Department Editor Framing Health Matters Using the Analytic Essay for Policy Publications
    12 : Selected Journal Formats & Departments for Submitted Work Formats Commentary Editorial Research and Practice Articles & Briefs Analytic Essay Departments/Forums Health Policy and Ethics Government Politics and Law Framing Health Matters Public Health Then And Now
    13 : Special Departments Health Policy and Ethics Government Politics and Law Framing Health Matters
    14 : Instructions for Authors The Analytic Essay is an article type that was designed specifically to meet the needs of 2 Journal departments: Government, Politics and Law and Health Policy and Ethics. Its purpose is to provide a forum for critical analyses of public health issues from disciplines other than the biomedical sciences, including but not limited to the social sciences, human rights, and ethics.
    15 : Analytic Essay Unstructured abstract (word limit=120) Text with subheadings to guide readers through the essential elements of the argument Word limit = 3500 Up to 4 accessible tables, figures, and images that are core to the analysis Preference for AMA style guidelines, but Chicago style endnotes may be used
    16 : Framing Health Matters Social science scholarship New disciplines within public health Critical perspectives of public health problems Analytic essay format Unstructured abstract Up to 6500 words in main text - with under 4000 words strongly encouraged Up to 4 tables/figures
    17 : Aging Cancer Diabetes Nutrition Oral Health Physical Activity Arthritis CVD School Health Tobacco Control Injury Prevention Policy Examples
    18 : MacQueen KM, Buehler JW. Ethics, practice, and research in public health. Am J Public Health. 2004;94:928-931. Policy addressed: The federal regulation for the protection of human research participants (45 CFR part 46)
    19 : Friedman JW. The prophylactic extraction of third molars: A public health hazard. Am J Public Health. 2007;97:1554-1559. Policy addressed: Recommendation by the American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons for the removal of wisdom teeth at an early age
    20 : Delnevo CD, Hrywna M. “A whole ‘nother smoke” or a cigarette in disguise: how RJ Reynolds reframed the image of little cigars. Am J Public Health. 2007;97:1368-1375. Policy addressed: The Federal Cigarette Labeling and Advertising Act; the Public Health Cigarette Smoking Act; the Little Cigar Act of 1973; Master Settlement Agreement (MSA) and the Comprehensive Smoking Education Act; (1964 Surgeon General’s Report)
    21 : Vernick JS, Rutkow KM, Salmon DA. Availability of litigation as a public health tool for firearm injury prevention: comparison of guns, vaccines, and motor vehicles. Am J Public Health. 2007;97:1991-1997. Policy addressed: The Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act (PLCAA); the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986; the National Traffic and Motor Vehicle Safety Act of 1966
    22 : Ziskin LZ, Harris DA. State health policy for terrorism preparedness, Am J Public Health. 2007;97:1583-1588. Policy addressed: Homeland Security Act of 2002; the Bioterrorism Act of 2002; Model State Emergency Health Powers Act (MSEHPA)
    23 : External Validity and Relevance to Policy Development Ken R. McLeroy Co-Editor Framing Health Matters
    24 : Internal vs. external validity
    25 : Other Types of Validity Statistical conclusion validity or whether conclusions about statistical inferences of co-variation between variables are justified Construct validity or whether or not operational variables adequately represent theoretical constructs Extreme validity or whether causal relationships can be generalized to different measures, person, settings and times.
    26 : Inference Vs. Generalizability
    27 : Health Policy and History Theodore Brown Co-Editor History Departments
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    50 : Health Policy and the Journal Mary E. Northridge Editor-in-Chief
    51 : From Palm to Christmas Tree Theoretical linear relationship between Public health, policy and politics is affected by complex interactions at every stage of evidence to decision chain Palm=barren axis to a Christmas tree with multi-level ramifications Evidence gets lost and distorted in process
    52 : Seeing the Forest for the Trees Research, practice advocacy and more effective communication- Public Health has to better generate and interpret emerging evidence, package it in a way that can effectively inform policy and political choices.
    53 : Journal Awards Annual acknowledgement of Papers or issues that have had significant impact Reviewers who went above the call to help improve the scholarship in the Journal
    54 : Outstanding Author: John Colmers Guest Editor for Special Supplement on Preparedness
    55 :
    56 : Outstanding Reviewer: Elizabeth Saewyc
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