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    1 : Media, Arts & Entertainment
    2 : Review Last Week How two lost mountains Disobedience Gospel of Salvation Vs Gospel of Kingdom Unbiblical view of work and ministry
    3 : Media, Arts & Entertainment
    4 : Culture is defined by the adoption of values and beliefs in 4 main competing networks Military Economic Political Cultural – Education, Arts & Entertainment, Media – define values /beliefs KEY
    5 : Posters
    6 : 1998 survey:Do you believe in God? 93% yes general population Military: 90% Business owners: 70% Politicians: 50% Arts + Entertainment: 3% Media: 2%
    7 : Geographical Power Centers Cultural Centers New York City Los Angeles San Jose, CA Boston Evangelical Centers Wheaton, Il Colorado Springs, Co Orlando, FL Atlanta, GA
    8 : A Visit to the Headquarters of National MediaNew York City June 2008
    9 : How beautiful upon the mountains are the feet of him who brings good news. - Isa 52:7
    10 : “Os, you would be shocked. The entire media is controlled by less than 100 people.” - Executive News Producer, Top 3 Networks
    11 : God’s Purpose and Calling on those in the Media Prophetic voice of the nation Proclaimers of truth (expose unrighteousness) Accountability for leaders in culture
    12 : Unredeemed Media Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; That put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!” (Isa 5:29).
    13 : Ephesians 6:12-13 “For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places.”
    14 : 2 Cor 10:4-6 For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal but mighty in God for pulling down strongholds, casting down arguments and every high thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of God, bringing every thought into captivity to the obedience of Christ, and being ready to punish all disobedience when your obedience is fulfilled.
    15 : Ruling Principality“Apollyon” “Apollyon is the name of the ruling spirit over the Hittites. Apollyon means ‘destroyer’ and ‘destruction’; means to fear, promote terror, especially as it relates to wars like Iraq and Afghanistan. These demonic influences can cause deception, lack of truth telling, manipulation of truth, partial truth, and can become a source to instill fear in society. They can also shape culture to be viewed in an ungodly and humanistic way.
    16 : The media has changed from reporting truth to searching for a story that causes “buzz”. Media is more about bad news and what’s wrong with society. “We're the media; we scare you.” LEONARD PITTS, Miami Herald, November 2007
    17 : Principality Manifestations Power – control’s people’s views Addictive – intoxicating environment, personalities, people of influence Seductive – encourages you to make choices w/out a moral consideration
    18 : “We’ve been lied to so thoroughly and consistently that we no longer perceive the meaning of what we see nor understand what we hear,” says David Kupelian, author, The Marketing of Evil
    19 : National Media Journalist Profile Liberal worldview. Educated at an Ivy League school which largely promotes a liberal worldview. Insiders only profession. 90% will hold a Democratic political view with exception being the Fox Network
    20 : Live in a bubble – they may not drive a car because they live in New York City, and work in Manhattan where less than 1% of the population are Christians. Everyday they see what is bad in society and often cannot reconcile the evil in the world they see each and every day.
    21 : Political Views “In the 2004 democratic national convention, New York Times columnist John Tierney asked 153 journalists whether they thought John Kerry or George W. Bush would make a ‘better president.’ Reports from outside the beltway favored Kerry three to one, while the approximately 50 Washington-based journalists polled favored Kerry over Bush by a stunning twelve-to-one margin!
    22 : Political Views “This bias reached absurb levels when Dan Rather and CBS News pathetically stonewalled the entire world—even the rest of the “mainstream media”—arrogantly defending the obviously bogus documents Rather and 60 Minutes had featured for the intended purpose of bringing down a U.S. president.”
    23 : Trinity Forum Story, May 2008, Doug Coe Cast doubt on motives Created suspicion Negative angle
    24 : 3 Types of Journalists “True-blue” journalist who want to produce only the truth, no matter what it says. Professional, but worldview shows up without knowing it. Can’t help it. Those driven by an agenda.
    25 : Media is changing the way we think about key culture issues Issue America’s Christian heritage Christian absolutes What is a family? Evolution Israel Satan’s Ploy Create a separation of church and state Anything goes. “You are too rigid, uncooperative” Gay rights God had nothing to do with your creation Troublemakers, Anti-semitism
    26 : Media is changing the way we think about key culture issues Issue Sex/Morality Big business is evil Freedom of speech Abortion Satan’s Ploy Anything should be acceptable to individual Government should take care of us Keep Christians quiet in public arenas It’s my right to kill
    27 : Media and the Gay Agenda
    28 : February 1988, Warrenton, VA 175 activists Marshall Kirk, a Harvard-educated researcher in neuropsychiatry Hunter Madsen, doctorate in politics from Harvard, expert in persuasion tactics and social marketing
    29 : Problem/Opportunity “Aids gives us a chance, however brief, to establish ourselves as a victimized minority legitimately deserving of America’s special protection and care. It generates mass hysteria of precisely the sort that has brought about public stonings and leper colonies since the Dark Ages and before…
    30 : Public Relations bible of the Movement …how can we maximize the sympathy and minimize the fear? How, given the horrid hand that AIDS has dealt us, can we best play it? Source: After the Ball: How America Will Conquer Its Fear and Hatred of Gays in the ’90s. P163 by Marshal Kirk and Hunter Madsen
    31 : Key Strategies Break current negative associations with our cause and replace them with positive associations Change what people actually think and feel Reframe the terms of the debate Seek desensitization and nothing more (until it doesn’t matter any more)
    32 : 1990 National Lesbian and Gay Journalists Association Sept 2000 conference: Focused on the question of whether or not, when reporting on stories related to homosexuality, mainstream journalists have a responsibility to include any viewpoints that contradict those of homosexuals.
    33 : Measuring SuccessSeventeen Magazine 1991 survey: 17 percent accepted homosexuality as appropriate 1999 survey: after 8 years of PR, same survey said 54 percent accepted homosexuality as appropriate
    34 : Not Born Gay Admission “We argue that, for all practical purposes, gays should be considered to have been born gay, even though sexual orientation, for most humans, seems to be the product of a complex interaction between innate predispositions and environmental factors during childhood and early adolescnce.” - Kirk and Madsen
    35 : Ultimate Goal “The end game is not only to bring about the complete acceptance of homosexuality, including same-sex marriage, but also to prohibit and even criminalize public criticism of homosexuality. In other words, total jamming of criticism with the force of law. This is already the case in Canada and parts of Scandinavia.”
    36 : Reclaiming Strategies
    37 : Repentance Must stand in the gap just as Daniel and Nehemiah did for their nations who had sinned.
    38 : Eph 6:12 Behold, I send you out as sheep in the midst of wolves. Therefore be wise as serpents and harmless as doves.
    39 : Stand Against the Principality Shadrach, Meshach, and Abed-Nego answered and said to the king, "O Nebuchadnezzar, we have no need to answer you in this matter. If that is the case, our God whom we serve is able to deliver us from the burning fiery furnace, and He will deliver us from your hand, O king. But if not, let it be known to you, O king, that we do not serve your gods, nor will we worship the gold image which you have set up" (Dan 3:16-25).
    40 : “We need COURAGE. What we speak and what we write shapes reality or perceptions of reality. It takes so much courage to actually push, agitate, and stand for truth and righteousness. We need courage!” - Network Producer
    41 : Prayer Strategy for Journalists in National Media Pray for the Church to regain its biblical worldview. We must train the next generation to have a biblical worldview. Pray for journalists and their needs. Pray that Christians model what we really believe. Most journalists know what Christians don’t believe in, but need to know what we do believe in and we must model it.
    42 : 3. Local churches should adopt those in media if they live in a city where national media is headquartered. Send notes that you are praying for them. Provide food baskets, etc. when major stories are breaking. Develop a prayer list of those working at that headquarters and pray for them by name. 4. Pray prayers of repentance by representatives for the media and the deception that is coming out of secular media.
    43 : 5. Pray for those believers in the media to have the spirit of Shadrach, Meshach, and Abed-Nego who refused to worship the god of Babylon. 6. Pray for Nehemiahs to be raised up to rebuild the wall of the media of righteous reporting.
    44 : 7. Take an interest in journalists as people. 8. Career doors in national media are often very difficult to break into without an insider family member or Ivy league connection. Pray for doors to be opened to Godly men and women in media.
    45 : 9. Serving those who serve high profile individuals must be done with great sensitivity. Avoid name-dropping. You will compromise their ability to have influence. 10. Christians desiring a career in media and journalism must consider the extraordinary commitment required in education, training, work hours required, and the impact on family life.
    46 : Christian philanthropists and business leaders must begin to develop our own PR strategies to demonstrate the value of a biblical world view in creative and powerful ways. This will require a commitment of finances. Christian journalists must be salt and light in the industry. Strategies
    47 : Only 9 percent of professing Christians in U.S. have a biblical worldview. The Barna Update, "A Biblical Worldview Has a Radical Effect on a Person's Life," December 1, 2003.
    48 :
    49 : We must educate Christians to have a Biblical worldview
    50 : Developing a Biblical Worldview
    51 : Using Media to ProclaimGod’s Agenda Case Study
    52 : Taking your mountain requires unique strategy
    53 : NY Times Magazine Oct 31, ‘04
    54 : How beautiful upon the mountains are the feet of him who brings good news. - Isa 52:7
    55 : NBC Nightly News June 08 Tim Russert Funeral “Someone was smiling upon our activities”- June 2008 Brian Williams
    56 : Arts & Entertainment
    57 : Tipping Points Culture Christ Evil
    58 : Arts & Entertainment’s Influence International news services reported that after Afghanistan was invaded by Coalition forces in the search for Osama Bin Laden, the first public buildings in that country to re-open weren't hospitals, schools or government agencies, but movie theaters, showing American movies.
    59 : Tipping Points In 1934, in the movie "It Happened One Night," popular star Clark Gable performed without an undershirt to better display his physique and, thereafter, undershirt sales dropped dramatically. In 1942, when "Bambi" premiered, deer hunting in America dropped from a $5.7 million business to barely $1 million.
    60 : How one Fortune 500 executiveprotected A & E Mountain The Book of Daniel was a controversial short-lived TV series broadcast on NBC 2006 fall. The network promoted it as a serious drama about Christians and the Christian faith, but some Christians saw an insulting portrayal of Jesus, a pro-homosexuality tone, and an atypical and dysfunctional church. On January 24, 2006, a spokeswoman for NBC announced the show had been dropped.
    61 : Philip Anschutz, Walden Media Oil magnate, media mogul, the owner of United Artists, the Regal Entertainment Group -- the largest motion picture exhibitor in the world (it operates nearly 20 percent of all indoor screens in the US) -- and a growing force in Hollywood. 42 of largest entertainment theatres Amazing Grace, Narnia
    62 : Rupert Murdock Media Empire Rick Warren is influencing Fox Network, WSJ, Direct TV, Harper Collins, American Idol Buying up all Christian programming, MGM Movies wholesome programming FoxFaith – developing Christian programming, $50mil 2008
    63 : April, 2008, “Shout to the Lord”30 + million viewers
    64 : Kong Hee and his wife, Sun Ho, founding leaders of City Harvest Church, the largest church in Singapore Sun Ho, a musician and the worship leader moved into the marketplace by entering the pop-music field. She is the most popular singer in China Topped the charts twice in the United States and twice in the United Kingdom, the first Asian to do either. Using her wealth and influence to build a modern school building in each of China’s 13 largest cities; two are already completed. The Chinese government admires Sun Ho so much that it has issued a commemorative postage stamp honoring her.
    65 : The higher you go up a mountain the more demons assigned to you—spiritual warfare For a great and effective door has opened to me, and there are many adversaries. 1 Cor 16:9 Whitney Houston Britney Spears Amy Grant
    66 : Hollywood and Politics Fahrenheit 911(anti-war) - Michael Moore (2006) Lions for Lambs (anti-war) - Robert Redford(2007) Brokeback Mountain - gay agenda (2006)
    67 : The Oprah Winfrey Phenomenon Power of Influence
    68 : I will raise up for myself a faithful priest, who will do according to what is in my heart and mind. I will firmly establish his house, and he will minister before my anointed one always (1 Sam 2:35-36) . Will you be one of these?
    69 : Recommended Resources
    70 :
    71 : To contact Os Hillman

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