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    by: Varsha

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    2 : Organic foods and products are the fastest growing items in America’s grocery carts. Thirty million households, comprising 75 million people, are now buying organic foods, clothing, body care, supplements, pet food, and other products on a regular basis. 56% of US consumers say they prefer organic foods. Reasons Why Consumers Should Buy Organic Food
    3 : What are the benefits of organic food? Organic food has numerous health benefits. They are known to have higher levels of nutrients and lower pesticide residues. Such foods are also believed to taste better than non-organic foods. The environment is also taken care of as no harmful chemicals are used in organic farming.
    4 : How is organic food grown? Organic food is considered "safer" for us than traditional. They do not use chemicals to fertilize, control pests, or weeds. They use an all-natural approach.
    5 : How to Understand the USDA Organic Label? In order to gain understanding of USDA Labels, you must know some USDA terminologies in the first place. For instance, should must be aware that the term 'Natural' is not similar to 'organic' and that only the USDA guarantees that the product with its label is considered as real organic.
    6 : Checkout some organic USDA certified food online at For all the above reasons, millions of American Consumers are turning to organic food.  It is their first initiative towards living an healthy life, preserving the environment and reversing global warming.

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