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    by: Rogers

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    1 : RECRUITING FOR DM Overview: Why Recruit? Principles of Recruitment Types of Recruitment
    2 : Why Recruit? It helps your achieve your goals It creates visibility for the organization and boosts numbers It educates people and gets them thinking about the issues They help sharpen your skills and keep you in touch with what people are thinking about. It helps build a campus community
    3 : Principles of Recruitment Reach out to a broad constituency Multiple methods of recruitment are important Have a simple message Follow up with new recruits immediately Ask everyone to do something Use other networks Have materials ready Always be recruiting – integrate it into everything you do
    4 : Types of Recruitment Tabling Class Announcements Group presentations Phone calls Dorm storms Visibility
    5 : When and Where to Table Pick a high-foot-traffic area like a dining hall, student union, or the quad/plaza Make sure that it’s not too crowded. You want the table to get noticed and you want to have time to stop people to talk. Make sure you table where you’re allowed to table; find out how to get the proper permission
    6 : Tips on Tabling Make sure the table looks attractive and professional – make a good impression. Examples: sign up sheets, something to give out (flyers), something for people to DO (petitions), big provocative posters to attract attention, the DM banner Use the table as a base, not as a wall to hide behind. Tabling is a great first activity for a new volunteer. The best way to train them is to have them learn by doing. Make your table fun and high-energy and it will attract more people. Don’t leave the table unattended, ever. An empty table = inactivity and disorganization
    7 : How to Set Up Class Announcements Get a list of faculty, with their office numbers, phone numbers, and email addresses. Get a course schedule to help you figure out which professors have the largest classes. Prepare a short presentation to explain to professors what you want to do
    8 : How to Set Up Class Announcements, cont’d. Prioritize classes by size, previous support, the presence of seniors, and subjects Have a binder or folder where you keep records of which professors you’ve contacted. Use email in addition to calling Visit during office hours
    9 : How to Make a Class Announcement (sample) Overview: who you are, what you’re doing, what information you have to offer (15 seconds) Introduction: Describe DM, how long it’s been on campus, and anything else important about the group (30 seconds) Legitimize your group: Describe your group’s most recent success or what it’s best known for on campus (15 seconds) Problem: Describe what’s happening that has caused your group to take on it’s current issue (30 seconds)
    10 : How to Make a Class Announcement, cont’d. Solution: Describe what your group is doing about the problem (30 seconds) Involvement: What students can do to get involved (1 minute) Other issues: anything else your group is working on (15 seconds) Personal appeal: Why you got involved (15 seconds) Thanks: thank your audience for their time and attention (5 seconds) TOTAL TIME = 3 MIN. 35 SECONDS
    11 : Group Presentations Similar to a class announcement, but limited to just a specific organization on campus -- environmental group, feminist group, civil rights groups, etc. The examples you give in your presentation to either a student organization or to a class should be relevant to the group/class If the professor/student group allots you more time, the presentation can be lengthened when possible.
    12 : Outline of a Phone Call Know what you want to get out of the call Call the day after the initial encounter Don’t leave messages Remind the person how you got their name Find out whether it’s a good time to talk
    13 : Outline of a Phone Call, cont’d. Listen for cues that indicate the person’s area of interest Describe your immediate goals and lay out a range of tasks Get a commitment Keep records of the contacts you make Establish a rating system for how skilled the contacts are.
    14 : Elements of a Successful Dorm Storm Have a plan – dorm storms are similar to approaching people while tabling Sign up “stormers” and dorm coordinators Make the dorm storm fun – offer prizes to the group with the most recruited members per floor
    15 : Principles of Visibility Know your audience Promote whatever you’re doing Know the rules A good visibility plan includes both active and passive visibility
    16 : Types of Passive Visibility Banners Leaflets Table tents Posters Chalking Emails
    17 : Types of Active Visibility Class announcements Group presentations Tabling Media
    18 : Notes: ___________________________ ___________________________ ___________________________ ___________________________ ___________________________ ___________________________ ___________________________ ___________________________ ___________________________ ___________________________ ___________________________

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