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    by: Stephen

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    1 : Resources for Vermont’s Elderly
    2 : When it comes to caring your elderly loved ones, a team approach is always best
    3 : Here are a few government resources available to Vermont’s elderly
    4 : Food and Drug Administration FDA.GOV
    5 : This is a great resource to be sure prescription drugs aren’t dangerous when taken with other medicines
    6 : It’s also a place where caretakers can keep up with the latest in drug breakthroughs and advances
    7 : Vermon’ts Political Arm
    8 : Did you know that every single senator in this country has a staff whose sole purpose is to remain current on elder affairs?
    9 : Not only that, but they’re compassionate people with no ulterior motives
    10 : They simply want to look out for the elderly in their state
    11 : Whether it’s to advise a caretaker or go to bat for seniors over a possible new law, this is a great way to keep you finger on the pulse of potential legislative changes
    12 : Visit and then click on the Vermont Senators link
    13 : Also, check with your state representative
    14 : They may also (though it’s not as certain as your senator’s office) have a staff dedicated to elder affairs
    15 : Visit and then click on the Vermont link
    16 : Area Agency on Aging
    17 : Many are unaware that their local Area Agency on Aging is federally mandated
    18 : Its staff includes professionals who can help provide drivers to doctor’s appointments, Meals on Wheels and a host of other duties you might need
    19 : You can meet with a counselor to discuss the various community programs and help you with anything you might wish to do – including making an appointment for you
    20 : Also, other community programs like reading programs, are available
    21 : Department of Veterans Affairs
    22 : This site is chock-full of resources outside of qualifying for benefits
    23 : There are employment updates and opportunities, resources for women veterans and homeless veterans
    24 : Find information for survivors
    25 : Learn more about the adaptive sports program
    26 : As always, our team of elder care and estate planning lawyers remain committed to our clients
    27 : It’s more about keeping all of the avenues open
    28 : Sometimes, it’s the little things that can change communities and these resources can provide caregivers and the elderly vital information and maybe find less stress in the process
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