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    Add as FriendRidgeology :A Closer Look at Fingerprints

    by: Rogers

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    4 : Ridge Characteristics Use these characteristics as points of identification when comparing fingerprint samples. The more points you can find in common, the better the match!
    5 : Ridge Characteristics EXAMPLE
    6 : How many ridge characteristics can you identify in this fingerprint?
    7 : 1 – Blow up your balloon about halfway and twist the end to keep the air from coming out. Do not tie it off! 2 – Use an ink pad to make a print with all of your fingers and label each one with a permanent marker. Write your name on the balloon as well. 3 – Blow up the balloon to full size and tie the end. 4 – Analyze the fingerprints to find several ridge structures that we have discussed. Use a highlighter to mark these structures on your “My Prints” worksheet. Try It! Think About It! Which ridge structures were most common in your fingerprints? Which ridge structures were most common in your group? Were there any structures that were not found in any of the fingerprints? Balloon Fingerprint Activity:

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