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    Add as FriendRomance Evolved: An Exploration of Romance in the Interactive Narratives of Final Fantasy and Lunar

    by: Rogers

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    1 : Romance Evolved: An Exploration of Romance in the Interactive Narratives of Final Fantasy and Lunar Johansen Quijano University of Texas at Arlington PCA / ACA National Conference 2011 April 19th – April 23rd
    2 : What is “Romance” Anyway? A Love Story Tangential Elements Happy Ending Quest Superior Hero Magic Items Vast Landscape
    3 : Narrative Elements of a Romance Society Meeting Attraction Barrier Ritual Death Recognition Declaration Engagement
    4 : The Anti Hero Protagonist
    5 : The Heroine
    6 : Temporal Regression / Textual Progression
    7 : The Repetition of the Quest Cycle
    8 : Evolution Through Immersion The reader is actively participating The reader is projected into the story The reader does not consume, but creates The reader interacts with the text
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