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    by: Rogers

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    1 : Romance & Intimacy Lecture 4: Biblical View of Romance & Sex
    2 : Biblical View of Romance: Song of Solomon 7:1-8:4: The husband is the Initiator & Operator: 7:1-9a. The wife is the Responder & Co-Operator: 7:9b-8:4.
    3 : Tom Nelson states that in order to be biblically romantic you need to … Be Righteous Be Courteous Be Vocal Be Affectionate Be Thoughtful Be Appreciative Be Honoring Be Creative Be Spontaneous Be Responsive Be Together Learn your mate
    4 : 4 Purposes of Sex: Procreation (Genesis 1:27-28); Pleasure (Song of Solomon 7:9-8:4; 1 Corinthians 7:3-5); Intimacy (Genesis 2; Ephesians 5:25-33); Portrait: Demonstration of God’s love for His people (John 13:34 cf. Ephesians 5:25).
    5 : A. Procreation: It is through procreation that God has chosen this particular method, the union of two people, to spread or extend His image. Therefore, to “rebel” against this method is to deny further opportunities for His image to be reflected. Image of God (Genesis 1:26-27): Personality Stewardship Community Representation
    6 :
    7 : B. Pleasure: 1 Corinthians 7:3-5 “If God created sex, and if the Bible tells us that he created it for our pleasure, then he knows how we can get the maximum benefit of it. The view of God as a cosmic killjoy is quite wrong, for every ‘No’ there is a ‘Yes.’! It is quite true that sex outside of marriage is considered utterly sinful in the Bible. But that is only half the story: within marriage it is profoundly beautiful and utterly good.” ~ Dr. Dan Wallace. We are transformative, continually changing and growing constantly. Everything we do is to glorify the Lord- with our utter utmost. The pleasure is worshipful when done in a way that is God-honoring, not de-valuing the inherent worth of another. Marital sex can be very beautiful. Premarital sex or extramarital affairs are ungodly and will leave you emotionally sterile; the effects are dehumanizing for they mar, scar, and sear what is beautiful, leading you downward into spiritual degeneration. Consider J. Budzizewski’s illustration of the duct tape from Ask Me Anything (1).
    8 : C. Intimacy: The monogamous commitment, “till death do us part” can produce the deepest intimacy. Sin, on the other hand, produces spiritual and emotional pain, numbness, and sterility
    9 : Intimacy:
    10 : Scope of Intimacy
    11 : Agape leads in a biblical view of Sex
    12 : Unbiblical view of sex leads to instability; Instability leads to fragmentation.
    13 : D. Portrait: John 13:35-35; Ephesians 5:25. Love for another another is a demonstration of God’s love. In what ways did Christ demonstrate His love to the church? Consider the characteristics of biblical love: 1 John 3:16-17 Sacrifice Self-Surrender Meet Practical Needs Ever so Genuine
    14 : Where’s your leverage and what is your security & resource when times get tough?
    15 : Biblical Resource & Security: Abide in Christ:
    16 : The greater the harmony, the healthier the relationship.
    17 : Bibliography: “The Doctrine of Romance: Solomon 7:1-8:4” by Tom Nelson. DVD Marriage 10, # 1088 1/25/2004 given at Denton Bible Church, Denton, Texas. 1-866-DBC TAPES or I whole heartily recommend viewing this DVD. It is remarkable! J. Budziszewski, Ask Me Anything (1) & (2); both volumes. Extraordinary dialogues. “Rushdoony, Neoplatonism, and a Biblical View of Sex” by Dr. Dan Wallace.

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