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    1 : SELECTION OF CONSULTANTS BY ASIAN DEVELOPMENT BANK (ADB) Presented by Jyothi Krishnamoorthy Disbursement Analyst, India Resident Mission
    2 : 2 OBJECTIVES Understand the need for consultants Understand Consultant Selection Process in ADB Points that need attention for being considered for consultant selection in ADB Where to look for information
    3 : 3 Why CONSULTANTS? Specialized expertise in a particular environment/ particular problem/ sub-sector Dedicated attention to the specified task to be completed within a predetermined time. Maximum efficiency and economy Transfer of knowledge and skills to personnel of Executing Agency
    4 : 4 Where CONSULTANTS? Project Preparation sector studies master plans feasibility studies strategic frameworks etc Project Implementation tender documents procurement assistance construction supervision project managers commissioning Advisory Services policy & strategy commercialization and privatization institutional building training management advice technical advice
    5 : 5 Types of Consultants Individual consultants TAs and Loans Consulting Firms TAs and Loans Staff consultants Short Term individual consultants engaged by ADB to work directly with ADB’s own staff
    6 : 6 Use of consultants Directly appointed by the Executing Agency of any ADB project Appointed by ADB for a TA directly implemented by ADB Appointed by ADB as Staff Consultant for work with ADB staff Domestic Consultants Defined as Nationals of the project country May compete for domestic and international services International Consultants National of any ADB member country having exposure to international assignments.
    7 : 7 Guidelines Are applicable for selection of consultants in any project or TA where ADB is financing consulting services Highlight the need to adhere to highest standards of ethics in consultant selection Clause 1.05 defines corrupt practice and fraudulent practice (relation to anti corruption) Any consultant /proposal disregarding anti-corruption clause of guidelines will be rejected and blacklisted.
    8 : 8 Guidelines - 1 Only Nationals or firms of ADB member countries may participate as Consultants Not possible for a firm to participate in both consulting and procurement activities Should not have exceeded the quota for shortlisting specified in guidelines
    9 : 9 Guidelines-Quota Consulting Firms Can submit only 3 technical proposals in a calendar year (applicable only in case of TA projects with a total budget exceeding $500,000) Quota not applicable For technical assistance projects of budget less than $500,000 For Loan projects Individuals May be engaged on a repetitive basis for a cumulative period of 12 months during any 24 month period. Quota applicable only to Staff consultants Quota not applicable to TA or loan individual consultants
    10 : 10 Guidelines-Selection Principles Consultants should be selected on competitive basis Process must be fair and well defined Selection must be fair and conducted in a transparent manner Competing consultants should be advised of competitors Consultants should be provided with evaluation criteria Consultants to be provided with the budget
    11 : 11 Methods of Consultant Selection Individual Consultants Evaluation by the CV Consulting Firms Quality and Cost Based Selection (QCBS) Preferred method of selection Quality Based Selection (QBS) Preferred only when scope of work is difficult to define in detail because of: the complexity of assignment the need for an innovative solution alternative methodologies possible, therefore difficult to compare Financial Proposals Direct Selection Used only in exceptional cases with adequate justification and prior approval Used only when a form is clearly more qualified than any other or in case of emergency
    12 : 12 Selection of Individual /Staff Consultants - Steps Involved Advertisement in ADB-BO Receive Expression of Interest from individuals in the form of CVs / prepare a LONG list of individuals from DICON Prepare shortlist of Individual Consultants Evaluate the CVs of shorlisted Consultants based on selection criteria Finalize contract with the first ranked consultant
    13 : 13 Selection of Consulting Firms-Steps Involved Advertisement in ADB-BO Receive Expression of Interest from interested firms / prepare a REFINED LONG list of firms from DACON Prepare shortlist of Consultants Send Request for Proposal with Terms of Reference to shorlisted consultants Receive proposals Evaluate Proposals and rank the consultants Finalize contract with the first ranked consultant Go to Performance Evaluation
    14 : 14 ADB-BO Requirement of Consultant in new projects or Technical Assistance published in ADB Business Opportunities (Blue book) Also Updated regularly in the ADB Website (Business Opportunities) Back to Individual consultant selection Steps Back to Consultant Firms Selection Steps
    15 : 15 DICON Database of Individual Consultants Individual consultants to be registered in the DICON Requirements National of an ADB member country Minimum 3 years of experience in primary field of expertise No close relatives presently working in ADB Update profile regularly Will be deactivated if not updated for 2 years or more -Back to Individual Consultant Selection Steps
    16 : 16 DACON Database of Consulting Firms For shortlisting in TA projects consulting firms need to be registered in the DACON Requirements Incorporated in an ADB member country Minimum of 5 full time professional staff Been established for at least 2 years Completed a minimum of 3 major projects At least 50% of the professional staff must be nationals of the country where the firm is registered Update profile regularly Will be deactivated if not updated for 2 years or more Back to Consulting Firm Selection Steps
    17 : 17 Shortlisting of Consultants Prepared from the refined long list after evaluation of the individual/ firm Generally 6 in number Should represent ADB’s member countries in a reasonably geographically balanced way Should have experience in similar projects experience in the project country or in a similar geographical region For TAs firm must meet the DACON registration requirements in terms of staffing, management, and financial capabilities Back to Individual consultant selection Steps Back to Consultant Firms Selection Steps
    18 : 18 Selection Criteria for Individual Consultants CV evaluation Evaluation Parameters Academic Qualification 20% Project Related Experience 70% Country/Region Experience 10% Selection of staff consultants is also the same as Individual consultant Engagements are short term, requiring travel with ADB staff --Back to Individual Consultant Selection Steps
    19 : 19 Expression of Interest To be sent to the concerned authority as mentioned in the ADB-Business Opportunities Enables a firm to be considered in the selection process Present it in the format requested giving reference to the DACON registration Highlight on relevant project experience project country/regional experience Keep it short, focused, easy to read, project specific and not general if it is for an assignment to be undertaken by a firm, DO NOT submit biodata as it is the firm which is being short listed Back to Consultant Firms Selection Steps
    20 : 20 Request for Proposal Sent to Shortlisted firms requesting them to send the technical and financial proposals for the project Provides information for shortlisted firms on how to prepare Proposals according to ADB requirements Contains the letter of invitation instructions to consultants preparation of Technical Proposal preparation of Financial Proposal Data Sheet Terms of Reference (TOR) standard form of Contract list of ADB Member Countries diskette for Financial Proposal (QCBS) terms of reference (TOR) copy of ADB Consulting Services Guidelines Back to Consultant Firms Selection Steps
    21 : 21 Terms of Reference Background information sub-sector information relevant work previously undertaken by ADB or others name of executing agency (EA) and implementation arrangements overall description of project overall objectives of the consulting assignment Detailed tasks detailed objectives scope of work and tasks to be undertaken required expertise and estimated inputs scheduling and reporting requirements available counterpart facilities The TOR consists of :
    22 : 22 Terms of Reference Data Sheet general information client’s name and contact details selection method type of Technical Proposal budget provisional sums Proposal validity period currency conversion details Taxation details Budget the budget is an estimate of the cost for the consulting services prepared by ADB in conjunction with the EA during project formulation the budget indicates the maximum $ available for the consulting services The TOR also includes : Back to Consultant Firms Selection Steps
    23 : 23 Proposal Preparation - Steps Acknowledge the letter of invitation Appoint production team and assign responsibilities production director technical coordinator (preferably the team leader) editor Prepare the technical proposal strictly in the format as specified in the RFP DO NOT ADD ADDITIONAL DETAILS !!! YOU WILL LOSE MARKS Types of Technical Proposal and submission time Full Technical Proposal for projects >$1,000,000 (45 days) Simplified Technical Proposal for projects >$500,0000 <$1,000,000 (35 days) Biodata Proposal for projects <$500,000 (21 days) FOLLOW ALL INSTRUCTIONS WHILE SUBMITTING YOUR PROPOSALS.
    24 : 24 Proposal Preparation - Steps Proposal Research analyze terms of reference requirements assemble background information visit project site to assess local factors meet with executing agency staff Proposal Personnel identify expertise required identify potential personnel identify the possible need for participation of associate firms international and domestic
    25 : 25 Proposal Contents – FTP COVER Name of Firm and any associates Name of Project number and Title maybe a photo or relevant map or graphic COVERING LETTER Maximum two pages excluding necessary attachments EXPERIENCE OF THE FIRM Consists of two parts Part 1 of maximum 2 pages introducing the firm and associate firms background and general experience Part 2 (maximum 20 pages) illustrating firm and associate firm’s relevant experience. DO NOT INCLUDE PROMOTIONAL MATERIAL Complete all sections or state N/A. If you do not provide information you will not get marks
    26 : 26 Proposal Contents – FTP GENERAL APPROACH METHODOLOGY your understanding of project make reference to findings on site visit explain how work will be done identify key steps, phases, etc. use a structured logical approach be innovative without deviating from TOR requirements consider use of charts, diagrams, etc.
    27 : 27 Proposal Contents – FTP STAFFING AND STAFFING SCHEDULE Include detailed organization chart personnel are the most critical component of the technical proposal selection of team leader will be evaluated twice for leadership capability and as a technical expert when possible nominate permanent employees WORK PROGRAM Include detailed Work program chart for all the staff selected useful to show task responsibilities of experts
    28 : 28 Proposal Contents – FTP EXPERT’s CVs Should not exceed 5 pages for each expert’s CV
    29 : 29 Proposal Contents – FTP COMMENTS ON THE TOR also known as “innovation” suggestions and comments on any aspect of the TOR which you think is not in consonance with the implementation of the project Do not be too loud; But do exercise your viewpoint with proper justifications concisely points are allocated to this section so say something!!!
    30 : 30 Proposal Contents – FTP COUNTERPART STAFF AND FACILITY REQUIREMENTS also known as “required support facilities” items typically required office accommodation, secretarial assistance, office equipment local transportation, documents etc be realistic and take into account local conditions points are allocated to this section so do not ignore this section. BE REALISTIC !!
    31 : 31 Proposal Preparation - Others Simplified Technical Proposal Same as that of FTP Only 10 pages for General Methodology, Work and Staffing Schedule (50 pages in FTP) Need not include Experience of the firm Counterpart Staff and Facility requirements Bio-data Technical Proposals Same as that of FTP Only 2 pages for General Methodology, Work, Staff Scheduling Need not include Experience of the firm Comments on TOR Counterpart Staff and Facilities Required
    32 : 32 PROPOSAL STYLE WRITING STYLE obey simple rules such as using short sentences and a standard vocabulary of terms standardize punctuation, spelling, capitalization and use of underlining and bold face text write names of organizations in full the first time with the abbreviation in parenthesis STANDARDIZATION AND DESIGN KEEP IT SIMPLE use a single type face and organize headings, sub-headings and text in a standard way develop a standard numbering system use running headers along the top of pages to sections of the proposal use section dividers (could be colored), to give structure to the proposal use tabs with labels to clearly identify the different sections consider the use of charts, graphs and diagrams to explain concepts
    33 : 33 PRESENTATION OBJECTIVES the proposal should be easy to read and well referenced well organized Convincing well written PRESENTATION QUALITY need to develop quality within the proposal quality of intellectual input quality of technical input quality of logic and expression Back to Consultant Firms Selection Steps
    34 : 34 EVALUATION QCBS Technical and Financial proposals submitted at the same time Technical proposals evaluated first 80% weightage for technical marks Only firms which get 75% or more qualify for consideration of financial proposals Financial evaluation is marked on 20% First ranked firm is one which scores highest cumulative technical and financial score QBS Technical proposals submitted initially Technical bids evaluated First ranked consultant requested to submit financial proposal Full Technical Proposal Simplified Technical Proposal Bio Data Proposal Back to Consultant Firms Selection Steps
    35 : 35 EVALUATION CRITERIA FULL TECHNICAL PROPOSAL MAXIMUM 1,000 points Qualification of Proposer 100-200 Approach and Methodology 200-400 Personnel 500-700 Back to Evaluation Main Page
    36 : 36 EVALUATION CRITERIA FULL TECHNICAL PROPOSAL - QUALIFICATION QUALIFICATION OF PROPOSER 100-200 Experience in similar projects 70 Experience in Similar Geographical Areas 50 Any other factor 30 Back to Evaluation Criteria-FTP
    37 : 37 EVALUATION CRITERIA FULL TECHNICAL PROPOSAL – APPROACH & METHODOLOGY APPROACH AND METHODOLOGY 200-400 Understanding of Objectives 40 Quality of Methodology 80 Innovativeness(Comments on TOR) 40 Work Plan 70 Staffing Schedule 30 Counterpart Facilities 20 Proposal Presentation 20 Back to Evaluation Criteria-FTP
    38 : 38 EVALUATION CRITERIA FULL TECHNICAL PROPOSAL – PERSONNEL PERSONNEL 500-700 Nominated International Experts 400 (Each Evaluated separately) Team Leader 100 Others 300 Nominated Domestic Experts 200 (Each Evaluated separately) Back to Evaluation Criteria-FTP
    39 : 39 APPROACH AND METHODOLOGY (300) Approach and Methodology 200 Work Plan 50 Staffing Schedule 50 PERSONNEL (700) Nominated International Experts Nominated Domestic Experts EVALUATION CRITERIA SIMPLIFIED TECHNICAL PROPOSAL Back to Evaluation Main Page
    40 : 40 Staffing schedule an Work Plan 100 Work Plan 50 Staffing Schedule 50 PERSONNEL 900 Nominated International Experts Nominated Domestic Experts EVALUATION CRITERIA BIO-DATA PROPOSAL Back to Evaluation Main Page
    41 : 41 FINAL RESULT Final Ranking is ascertained by combining the technical and Financial Proposal scores 80% of technical score 20% of the financial score EMPHASIS ON QUALITY Back to Consultant Firms Selection Steps
    42 : 42 PERFORMANCE EVALUATION On completion of a TA or staff consulting assignment the ADB undertakes a performance evaluation both firms and experts are evaluated The ratings are stored in ADB database Ratings are considered while making refined long list / short list of consultants for subsequent projects
    44 : 44 ERRORS (1) Proposal ranked 2nd, (4 Proposals), 18 points behind winner the Proposal showed an implementation period of 4 months longer than that required by the TOR 7 international experts were proposed compared to the 4 positions in the TOR 15 proposed trips to the field were considered to be excessive
    45 : 45 ERRORS (2) Proposal ranked 2nd (3 Proposals), 23 points behind winner the personnel schedule was not in the required format the methodology gave the impression that the firm did not intend addressing all the TOR tasks inclusion of a project director was considered inappropriate
    46 : 46 ERRORS (3) Proposal ranked 5th, (5 Proposals), 83 points behind winner strong project and country experience very experienced domestic associate firm, BUT….. no nomination for one domestic position international economist was rated at zero because she was from Bulgaria, a non-ADB member country
    47 : 47 ERRORS (4) Proposal ranked 4th, (4 Proposals), 67 points behind winner the work plan was weak as there were no linkages between experts inputs and timing of deliverables the committee was of the opinion that there were too many associate firms which could complicate management of the team too much home office input was shown for the team leader
    48 : 48 ERRORS (5) Proposal ranked 5th, (6 Proposals), 99 points behind winner assignment of tasks to team members was not clear the staffing schedule indicated limited input by the team leader which was due to a conflict of a previous commitment to another ADB project the international financial analyst had strong academic qualifications but no DMC experience
    49 : 49 ERRORS (6) Proposal ranked 3rd, (5 Proposals), 72 points behind winner a strong team of experts BUT……. no site visit had been undertaken there were no details as to when the various reports were to be submitted distribution of person months indicated inadequate allowance for economic analysis tasks the TOR for this study was specific on the inputs of the various experts in the team
    50 : 50 ERRORS (7) Proposal ranked 3rd, (5 Proposals), 68 points behind winner the number of pages exceeded the limit for Simplified Technical Proposals this applied to both the approach & methodology section and the expert’s biodata there were 4 trips to the field for each expert for a study with a 6 month duration the inclusion of an administrative assistant was not a TOR requirement
    51 : 51 ERRORS (8) Proposal ranked 4th, (5 Proposals), 76 points behind winner the methodology did not cover all TOR requirement and focused too much on training activities there was a lack of understanding of related sector work previously undertaken by the ADB the Proposal was difficult to read because of the size and style of font used
    52 : 52 ERRORS (9) Proposal ranked 2nd, (3 Proposals), 17 points behind winner the proposed additional 10 months input and the addition of 3 experts to the 8 required by the TOR was inappropriate the fragmented input by the team leader could lead to management problems otherwise very good methodology and a strong team of experts
    53 : 53 ERRORS (10) Proposal ranked 3rd, (4 Proposals), 12 points behind winner proposal contained information about the firm’s previous work experience which is not permitted for the Simplified Technical proposal the committee did not see the need for input by the firm’s chairman
    54 : 54 ERRORS (11) Proposal ranked 4th, (4 Proposals), 80 points behind winner the Proposal presented a rather cursory approach and methodology which demonstrated a lack of understanding of the TOR objectives none of the experts in the team were permanent employees of either the lead firm or the associate firms 9 experts were nominated for the 5 TOR positions
    55 : 55 ERRORS (12) Proposal ranked 2nd, (3 Proposals), 80 points behind winner the methodology was very brief and was only presented in chart form the personnel schedule was not in the required format only expertise was shown, there were no names and inputs were shown in days, not months the team leader had a background in statistics rather than investment finance
    56 : 56 ERRORS (13) Proposal ranked 4th, (4 Proposals), 91 points behind winner the Proposal was poorly presented with numerous typing errors and redundant content names in the personnel schedule did not match those in the organization chart the methodology was brief and did not address all issues biodata was not in the ADB’s format
    57 : 57 ERRORS (14) Proposal ranked 4th, (4 Proposals), 182 points behind winner none of the quoted projects in the experience section were relevant to the TA’s requirements the personnel schedule and the work program were difficult to interpret there were no nominations for two domestic positions the committee determined the Proposal to be non-responsive
    58 : 58 ERRORS (15) Proposal ranked 3rd, (3 Proposals), 177 points behind winner inadequate information was contained in the biodata of the domestic experts to allow for a detailed evaluation the inclusion of an executing agency employee as a domestic consultant was not acceptable the committee determined the Proposal to be non-responsive
    59 : 59 SOURCES OF INFORMATION ADB Website – New releases Conferences and seminars Publications DMC statistical data Project profiles ADB documents Links : - ADB Personnel at ADB office
    60 : THANK YOU For Enquiries Contact: ASIAN DEVELOPMENT BANK 4, San Martin Marg, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi - 110021

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