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    by: Rogers

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    1 : SICI and BICI: Identifiers for Serials and Books Reference/Citation Linking: The Federal Perspective Joint CENDI/FLICC Workshop ? June 21, 2000 Library of Congress ? Washington, DC Julia Blixrud, Association of Research Libraries and Chair, NISO Subcommittee AP
    2 : SICI and BICI ANSI/NISO Z39.56-1996 (Version 2) -- Serial Item and Contribution Identifier (SICI) Book Item and Component Identifier (BICI) (being developed by NISO Subcommittee AP)
    3 : SICI and BICI Background and Environment for Development Structure Applications Criticisms and Suggestions for Improvement Future Development
    4 : The Challenges Need for increased granularity to identify intellectual units Need for interoperability and data exchange between different industries and applications using different computer systems
    5 : SICI Background Version 1 development SISAC Specific application (fixed length) Version 2 development Before 5-year review Users identified possible new applications and problems with version 1
    6 : SICI Development Goals Z39.56 (1991) Cover broad range of serials regardless of physical format Short, but bibliographically unique Derivable from citation or source document -- not externally assigned or derived Maintain consistency with and build upon existing standards, e.g., ISSN
    7 : SICI Development Goals Z39.56 (1996) More rigorous rules relating to mandatory and optional fields Defined internal structure of SICI to have three distinct segments (Item, Contribution, Control) Defined external structure types to identify Serial Item vs. Serial Contribution (issue or article) Allows private numbering systems Stores/includes medium of distribution (text on paper, electronic, microform, etc.) Title code algorithm significantly improved -- length and inclusiveness
    8 : SICI Structure -- CSI-1 Item Segment ISSN Chronology Enumeration Contribution Segment [Empty -- required but will have no data] Control Segment Code Structure Identifier (CSI) Derivative Part Identifier (DPI) Medium Format Identifier (MFI) Version Number Check Character
    9 : SICI Example -- CSI-1 Bulletin of the American Society for Information Science, Feb-Mar. 1995, Vol. 21, no. 3 1991 SICI: 0095-4403(199502/03)21:3;1-N 1996 SICI: 0095-4403(199502/03)21:3<>1.0.TX;2-Y
    10 : SICI Structure -- CSI-2 Item Segment ISSN Chronology Enumeration Contribution Segment Location (page) Title Code Alternative Numbering Schemes Control Segment Code Structure Identifier (CSI) Derivative Part Identifier (DPI) Medium Format Identifier (MFI) Version Number Check Character
    11 : SICI Example -- CSI-2 Bjorner, Susanne. “Who Are These Independent Information Brokers?” Bulletin of the American Society for Information Science, Feb-Mar. 1995, Vol. 21, no. 3, page 12 1991 SICI: 0095-4403(199502/03)21:3L.12:TII;1-N 1996 SICI: 0095-4403(199502/03)21:3<12:WATIIB>2.0.TX;2-J
    12 : SICI Example -- CSI-3 ERIC Document EJ 462 869, originally published in Library Hi Tech, Vol. 11, no. 1, 1993 1991 SICI: N/A 1996 SICI: 0737-8831(1993)11:1<::ERIC-EJ462869>3.0.TX;2-F
    13 : SICI Applications SICI Bar Code EDI using SICI CSI-1 Price/sales catalog Dispatch data Invoice Order Claim Claim Response
    14 : SICI Applications URN Namespace Document Delivery Data string in delivery services Reference Linking Library catalog records to index or full-text databases
    15 : SICI Criticisms Unicode Angle Brackets <> Title Code Sequencing Duplication (non-unique)
    16 : SICI Future Development Five-year review scheduled for 2001 Character set issues -- Unicode More explicit reference to electronic journals Explicit statement regarding DOI Structure changes (<> and *#) Integration with web applications
    17 : BICI Background Begun in 1997 following completion of revision of SICI Develop standard identification schema for subunits of books Interest from rights management community International meetings on identifiers
    18 : BICI Development: Background Documents BIBLID SICI “A Standard Identifier for Book Items and Contributions” by David Martin for the Book Industry Communication (BIC) and the British National Bibliography Research Fund Work of INDECS
    19 : BICI Development Goals Limit scope of standard to code for unique identification of book items and their component parts Cover a broad range of books (scholarly, trade, and popular), regardless of physical form Maintain consistency with and build on the established ISBN already used successfully to identify books Create brief, unique code consistent with unique identification
    20 : BICI Development Does not address grey literature, technical reports or other documents Does not address component parts that have no enumeration (unnumbered dictionary or encylopedia entries) Includes redundancies for judgments on degrees of similarity of 2 BICIs derived from different sources
    21 : BICI Development Issues Granularity How broad How deep Logical vs. physical structure of book Chapter, section, etc. Location (page) Consistent with SICI
    22 : BICI Development Issues Focus on the ISBN Identifier vs. meaning Matching and uniqueness Character set -- Unicode
    23 : Current BICI Structure 3 Segments (Item, Component, Control) Control segment manages processing Code Structure Identifier data element specifies coding structure Focus on ISBN Logical and physical structure
    24 : Current BICI Structure Item Segment ISBN Chronology Item enumeration Component Segment Component enumeration Title code Location (e.g., pagination) or other numbering schema Control Segment Code Structure Identifier (CSI) Component Type Identifier (CTI) Medium/Format Identifier (MFI) Standard Version Number (SVN) Check Character
    25 : Current BICI Example Chapter 10: “English as a World Language” in The English Language: A Historical Introduction, 1993 pp. 234-261 ISBN 0-521-41620-5 BICI: 0521416205(1993)(10;EAAWL;234-261)2.2.TX;1-1
    26 : BICI Component Types 0 Whole item 1 Front matter 2 Main text subdivision (parts, chapters, sections, acts, etc.) 3 Discrete object within a book (abstracts, tables, figures, etc.) 4 Back matter (index, appendices, references, bibliographies) 5 Supplementary materials (maps, disks, erratum, etc.)
    27 : BICI Applications Abstracting and indexing services Document delivery services Coursepack producers Library reserve rooms Rights management agencies DOI system Publisher delivery systems E-books
    28 : BICI Community Review Changed <> to () Include both logical and physical in component segment Use ; as delimiter between elements Restructure title code rules More e-book examples
    29 : BICI Future Development Final draft (committee draft 10) to be vetted by committee NISO draft out this summer Vote by NISO membership by fall Resolution of any negatives Publication by end of 2000
    30 : SICI and BICI Any Questions???

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