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    Add as FriendScience Olympiad and Texas: New Tools for Teachers & New Opportunities for Students

    by: Rogers

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    1 : Science Olympiad and Texas New Tools for Teachers New Opportunities for Students
    2 : What is Science Olympiad? An international nonprofit organization dedicated to: Improving the quality of science education. Increasing student interesting in science and science careers. Provides recognition of students and teachers for achievements in science education. Students prepare to test for Bridge Building competition.
    3 : Science Olympiad Events The goals of Science Olympiad are accomplished thru training workshops, and intramural, district, invitational, regional, state, national and international tournaments. Students compete as individuals or as teams. Students prepare for competitions during the school year. The Science Olympiad events are easily integrated into current curriculum or serve well as an extracurricular activity/club.
    4 : The Events Events represent the various science disciplines such as biology, earth science, chemistry, physics, computers, music and technology. Students learn from failures as well as successes.
    5 : A Balanced Approach Events require: Knowledge of science facts Concepts Processes Skills Science Applications Teamwork Creativity
    6 : Overall Goals Capturing and retaining the interest of students in science and technology Development of “Intellete” pride for outstanding intellectual performance Enhancement of student self-esteem by giving a feeling of belonging and accomplishment. Enrichment of classroom science programs Strengthening of school spirit Involvement of the community.
    7 : Objectives To bring science to life, to show how science works, to emphasize problem solving aspects of science and the understanding of science concepts. To expose students to real-life challenges of working with a team, group planning and cooperation To make science education more exciting so students will enroll in science courses, programs, fairs, and clubs. To attract more students to careers in science, technology and science teaching.
    8 : Science Olympiad in Texas Science Olympiad in Texas more than 12 years Texas A&M University (College Station) hosts Texas Science Olympiad with 800+ students competing. Regional qualifying tournaments across Texas Texas teams attend Nationals. Students prepare to fly their balsa wood and rice paper airplanes.
    9 : Regional Competitions All Texas teams are expected to compete at a regional qualifying tournaments to advance to State competition. We are happy to have eight regional hosting competitions. Guidelines for the regional competitions are as follows: Each regional will host both a B and C division competition. These will be 'open boundary' regional's, so a team may select any of the regional's that are offered. Each team must attend one regional to be considered for advancement to the State competition -- they may only attend one regional. All teams from the same school must compete at the same regional. All teams from the same school will also compete at the same time period for each event (all have odd or all have even team numbers if teams assigned to odd/even time periods).
    10 : Science Olympiad Programs K-6: Science Olympiad Fun Day (non-competitive events at your school) (on prior request) 6-9: Science Olympiad Division B Events (competitive) 9-12: Science Olympiad Division C Events (competitive) Homeschool teams also welcome. Technical Writing
    11 : Getting Started Get Administration’s support Seek staff and parent support Get familiar with events and develop materials list Present Science Olympiad to teachers and students Recruit a Team The smiles of 7th Grade Winners.
    12 : Your New Team Register team Learn the events and rules Practice the Events Assign Fundraising Coordinate Support Prepare for competitions Publicity and acknowledgement Compete, regroup and review. Sounds of Music Student
    13 : The Competitions Texas Science Olympiad - 2 days at Texas A&M Regionals - held on Friday or Saturday All day events Awards Ceremony Learning Experiences Fun! Future scientists study an unknown substance at the Science Olympiad.
    14 : Coach’s Training Texas Science Olympiad Coach’s Clinic National Summer Institutes Local Summer Institutes
    15 : Fundraising Recruit parents to head up fundraising efforts Conduct fundraising early to supplies and materials can be purchased before training need Involve team in activities Involve community in supporting team. Trebuchet Event
    16 : When to teachScience Olympiad? Classroom Activity Special Class After-School Activity Combination Activity Students ready their bridge for structural testing.
    17 : The End

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