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    by: Rogers

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    1 : Presentation Package for Concepts of Fitness & Wellness 9e Section I Lifestyles for Health, Wellness, & Fitness
    2 : Good health, wellness, fitness, and healthy lifestyles are important for all people. Health, Wellness, Fitness & Healthy Lifestyles: An Introduction Concept 1
    3 : Presentation Overview Healthy People 2020 What is Wellness? What is Fitness? How do lifestyles relate to fitness and wellness? 3 Discussion Activity Online Learning Center
    4 : 4 National Health Goals Healthy People 2020 A Blueprint for a Healthier America Major emphases: Quality of life (wellness) Prevention Public awareness Importance of environment
    5 : 5 Years of Healthy Life 69.3 yrs. Total Lifespan (~77.6 years) 8.1 yrs
    6 : 6 Health Life Expectancy (HALE) for North America
    7 : 7 Health and Wellness HEALTH - state of being associated with freedom from illness and disease. Wellness - the positive component of health; quality of life; sense of well-being; a product; multidimensional
    8 : 8 Treatment vs. Promotion
    9 : 9 The Wellness Continuum ILLNESS WELLNESS neutral point (no illness or wellness)
    10 : 10 Health & Wellness are Multi-Dimensional
    12 : 12 Achieving Wellness Wellness is the product of healthy lifestyles just like fitness is the product of regular exercise Wellness reflects how one feels about life as well as one’s ability to function effectively Click to see Lab 1a Lab 1a provides an assessment of self-perceptions related to wellness
    13 : 13 The Integration of Wellness Dimensions
    14 : 14 Physical Fitness Multi-dimensional state of being Body’s ability to function efficiently and effectively Not the same as physical health and wellness
    15 : 15 Physical Fitness cont’d Consists of: 5 health-related fitness components 6 skill-related components (aka sports fitness or motor fitness) 2 non-performance components Metabolic fitness Bone integrity
    16 : 16 Health-Related Physical Fitness Cardiovascular endurance Muscular endurance Muscular strength Flexibility Body composition
    17 : 17 Skill-Related Physical Fitness Agility Balance Coordination Speed Power Reaction time
    18 : 18 Need for Fitness Effective work Good health Face emergencies Enjoyable leisure Value of fitness Look good Feel good Enjoy life Be healthy
    19 : 19 Who’s the MOST fit? A B C D
    20 : 20 Value of Fitness Assessments Indicate areas needed for improvement in health, fitness, or performance Provide baseline marker to track progress in exercise programs Promote personal knowledge about skills and abilities
    21 : 21 Factors Influencing Health, Wellness, & Physical Fitness
    22 : 22 Healthy Lifestyles Regular physical activity Eating well Managing stress Avoiding destructive habits Practicing safe sex Adopting good safety habits Learning first aid Adopting good personal health habits Seeking and complying with medical advice Being an informed consumer Protecting the environment Click to see info about the Healthy Lifestyle Questionnaire
    23 : 23 Physical Activity Physical activity is a priority lifestyle that impacts health, wellness, & fitness.
    24 : 24 Priority Lifestyles for Good Health Reasons why these lifestyles are especially critical: They affect the lives of all people Improvements can be made Small changes can have a major impact on individual and public health
    26 : Regular Physical Activity Achieving Fitness Personal PA Pattern Fitness Evaluation Problem Solver INDEPENDENCE The Stairway to Lifetime Fitness: A Path to Independence End of slide presentation.
    27 : 27 Supplemental Info Lab Information Discussion Activity Online Learning Center
    28 : 28 Lab 1a Information Wellness Self-Perceptions Complete an evaluation of your current level of wellness by rating yourself in each of the 5 wellness dimensions. Discuss whether you agree with the results. Wellness reflects your overall outlook on life so “self-perceptions” are an effective way to examine your wellness Return to presentation
    29 : 29 The Healthy Lifestyle Questionnaire Analyzes your lifestyle behaviors so you are better able to make decisions concerning good health and wellness for the future. Answer each question as honestly as possible and use the scoring information to help you assess your lifestyle.
    30 : What is Wellness? Is Wellness something you do or something you have? 30 Return to Presentation Discussion Activity
    31 : Is this wellness? Return to Presentation
    32 : Is this wellness? Check out this Biggest Loser video clip, and ask yourself if it’s wellness. Return to Presentation End of Discussion Activity

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