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    by: M. Salim Akhter

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    1 :
    2 : Department Of Botany University of Agriculture Faisalabad
    3 : Seed Inoculation Effect of Azospirillum spp. on the Growth and Biomass of Wheat (Triticum aestivum L. var. Sahar 2006.)
    4 : Objective
    5 : Experiment was to study inoculation effect of some isolated Azospirillum spp. on the growth parameters of Triticum aestivum.
    6 : Introduction
    7 : Nitrogen Fixation is capability of the Legumes. To fulfill their needs for nitrogen on their own. It is needed to induce these N2 fixing bacteria to the main crops like that of wheat.
    8 : Material and Methods
    9 : 40 seeds of Wheat were taken. Sucrose solution Was used as sticker. 20 Seeds were socked in it. Removed and then, Dusted with the inoculant Inoculant contains Azospirillum spp.
    10 : Two pots were used, Control Treated
    11 : Parameters Daily Emergence count Plant height Leaf area Fresh weight Dry weight Leaf Area Index Crop growth rate
    12 : Data Collection 1st Vegetative growth was calculated after two weeks the emergence was complete. Three plants from each pot were taken at a time from control and treated. This practice was done for three times with the interval of every two weeks.
    13 : Leaf Area Leaf of each plant from control or treated were removed. The area of each leaf was measured by Leaf Area Meter.
    14 : Shoot Length Shoot length was measured by inch’s tape
    15 : Fresh And Dry Weight Fresh and Dry weights were taken by digital balance.
    16 : Leaf Area Index Leaf Area Index was calculated by dividing the leaf area by ground area.
    17 : Crop growth rate Crop growth rate (C) = W2-W1 / T2-T1 (?T) Where W1 = dry weight at 1st harvest W2 = dry weight at 2nd harvest T1 = time period at 1st harvest T2 = time period at 2nd harvest ?T = T2 – T1
    18 : Precautions Daily watering was done to avoid dehydration. Emergence of the seeds were observed daily.
    19 : Results and discussion
    20 : Daily Emergence 1st Emergence: 04-03-2010 Half time of emergence: 05-03-2010 Complete emergence: 07-03-2010
    21 : Daily Emergence
    22 : Table: 01 (1st Harvest)
    23 : Table: 02 (2nd Harvest)
    24 : Table: 03 (3rd Harvest)
    25 : Crop Growth Rate
    26 : Discussion
    27 : Significant effect of Azospirillum spp. inoculation on plant height at different stages of plant growth was observed in this present study with an increase over control ranges from 3.13%-16.17%.
    28 : Inoculation also causes increase in biomass measured as fresh and dry biomass over control ranges, respectively from 24.71% to 106.22% and 14.24% to 50.55%. It was observed that the leaf area of treated plants were higher than that of control
    29 : As the growth of crop was better over the control then the crop growth rate was also high in inoculated wheat
    30 : Conclusion
    31 : These finding can conclude that in further valued inoculants could be develop with this organism to use biofertilizer for cereal crops like wheat , rice and millet. So the Azospirillum spp. should be considered properly for organized research work for developing eco-friendly environment.
    32 : Thank You

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